Responses to #WhyNotWrite Program


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Responses to #WhyNotWrite Program

Here, you’ll find a compendium of all comments, forums, blogs, tweets, and discourse related to #WhyNotWrite. We will update this with more discourse as we go along. Keep sharing, commenting, updating and keeping in touch!

WAW, words are handicapped in expressing how grateful I am. This interview really – somewhat – restored my writing sanity. Sarah you did great thanks. The rejection part is like an endless battle for me right now. I have resolved not to submit to nowhere, I’ll just write more and try improve my skill.
Looking forward to see interviews from other writers like: Helon, Toni, Kola, Panashe, Jennifer, and Odafe Atogun – my future mentor. Lol
chizzy February 15, 2017

This is so cool guys.. Keep it up.
This is the first time I am hearing about Nicole. (Google to the rescue). I totally enjoyed the interview..

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