Now on Sale: The WAW Fiction Micromasterclass on Character

WAWFM MicroMasterclass: Character: Now available in store for only N1,000
WAWFM MicroMasterclass: Character: Now available in store for only N1,000

The WAW Fiction Micromasterclass: Character is a practical guide from the lesson notes and materials used at the WAW Fiction Masterclass on Character. The book was extensively researched, compiled and bound by the WAW Team, and in the simplest words, you will find it adequately satisfies your needs as a writer of fiction.

It is now available in the WAW Shop for One Thousand Naira (recession won’t let me add ‘ONLY’ but you know, it’s a super fair deal 🙂

For our friends beyond the green-white-green borders, plans are underway to make this available globally. Soon, y’hear, soon …

Now a little background:

The WordsAreWork (WAW) Fiction Masterclass is a series of one-day intensive trainings for writers of fiction, organised by WAW Project Series. The first fiction masterclass centered on Character, with the theme “How to Build an Iceberg (and great Fictional Characters while at it)”. It was taught by Suyi Davies Okungbowa and Chisom Ojukwu, and attended by 20 aspiring and professional writers from Lagos (Nigeria), Ife (Nigeria) and Gaborone (Botswana). Venue was at Goethe Insitut, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria, on Friday, 23rd September, 2016.

Word back from the masterclass …


As the hours unfolded, I began to see fiction differently. It was fresh. It was liberating. I was not a truck pusher anymore – pushing my story to a ‘perfect’ ending with all the brawn I could muster. I was the little girl letting go of my kite and watching the wind toss it this way and that. I was the artist who merely created the character, the story for the reader and was not entirely responsible for the outcome or what the reader felt about it because hey, characters are real humans living real lives.

And humans are imperfect and real life is full of uncertainties.

Oyindamola Williams

(WAW Fiction Masterclass Alumna)


The character behavior triangle revolves around Traits, Flaws and Desires/Needs. The biggest writing mistake most writers make is not understanding your character’s motivation. Motivation can be physical, social and psychological.

As Hemingway puts it, “a character is a person. A person is like an iceberg, like an iceberg, 7/8th of a personality lies beneath the surface.”



Words are work, so spend the dime, enjoy the fortune, and give us feedback at We always listen 🙂


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