WAW #1Pic100Words – Final Results OUT!!!

Results out

The results are out!

WAW would like to congratulate the winners of the #1Pic100Words Writing Contest. We say winners, because we believe all who submitted entries are winners, and we encourage you to keep writing!

That being said, the judges, and the public, have spoken.



Ogechukwu emerged second runner-up with a score total of 61 points for his story, NAMELESS. Here’s what a couple of judges had to say about his story:

“This writer jumped right in and started the story in such a way that the reader is drawn in from the first sentence. He had a good hook. He did a good job of extracting a strong theme from the picture, engaging the reader and writing a good story. I liked a lot of things about ‘Nameless’: the theme, title, hook, economy and choice of words. The use of a local language was a huge plus, translating right after was also a plus. There were a few typos but it was an excellent piece. I enjoyed reading it.”

“The story is intriguing and feels like a whole lot has been said within the word limit. Plenty happens in the first paragraph; a mixture of emotions, though unmentioned, are still felt and the reader immediately gets this sense of urgency. The writing is also noteworthy in its simplicity.”


Kudos, Oge. We look forward to seeing more from you on WAW.


Sayo emerged runner-up with her story, RED, amassing 65 points in total. Comments from two judges below:

“I see what the writer was trying to do with the last paragraph, but it wasn’t pulled off well. I must commend the abortion twist though, the first paragraph suggested she went to see a psychiatric doctor, whereas it was actually an obstetrician.”

“The progression of the story is nice. The dialogue is as mysterious as it can be which may be good and bad. This is not a bad story; it could have been better if more attention was paid to the tenses. Punctuating correctly is also as important as anything.”


So, Sayo, the judges believe you have the makings of an effective writer, and we believe so too. Congratulations on that!




Bura-Bari, whose story, LESI, came out top with 68 points in total. Here are two judges’ reactions:

“Alright, these are very sweet lines. Poetic!  But the picture prompt struggled to come out. The story managed to come out too. Too much ‘poetry’ within a short story does no good; you don’t have much words for needless expressions.”

“The flow of the story is really nice. The choice of language paints a beautiful image for the reader. However, in a bid to wax poetic, the story strays too far away from the point I perceived in the provided image. It feels the attention is shifted from the image to these two fictional characters whose union I cannot make head or tail of.”


Major congratulations to you, Bura-Bari, and we hope you take the judges’ comments into consideration on your journey to becoming a great writer.


For transparency purposes, see scores and calculation below:

Name Story   Blog Likes Social Media Shares Public Votes Total Public Votes (out of 50) Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Average Judges Scores (out of 50) Total Scores
Bura-Bari Lesi 227 195 325 44 10 33 27 23 68
Ogechukwu Nameless 83 173 170 23 42 34 39 38 61
Sayo Red   216 47 240 33 30 36 30 32 65

We say a big congratulations to our winners, and all who entered into the contest.



Suyi Davies Okungbowa

For the WAW Projects series.


We thank very specially, our official partners in this project: Larva DigiArt – if you still haven’t checked them out and signed up for a few paintings and art designs, you are on a looooong thing! – and Nigeria Campus Connect, who will be making Bura-Bari another five thousand bucks richer. This could not have been anywhere as successful without you.

We also thank all our readers, writers and voters … simply amaaayyyyzing!

Many of you have enquired about the longlisted stories, worry not, we have ‘WAW’ plans for you. A collection of the longlisted stories (and a few worthy mentions) from the first stage of this competition will be out soon. Just be patient.

And for our Judges – Ugo, Soo-baba and Emeka, the three of you make me think of jollof with fresh tomato stew and fried plantain 🙂 Thank you.

Looking ahead, we at WAW are working towards an event where all who participated in the #1Pic100Words contest and in fact, all other members of the WAW family (yes, you) can come together for a few hours of chill, physically. The crew here is very hush-hush about it but you know I like to gbeborun with my pipu 😉

If you like coman goan be telling everybody that Chisom said …  yuwaa on ya own!lol


Activities resume on WAW, per usual. You know we love you; thank you for loving us back.



#1Pic100Words was brought to you by Words Are Work and Larva DigiArt

Co-sponsored by Nigeria Campus Connect

Words Are Work … and fun too!

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  1. Mr ACE June 12, 2016 Reply

    But from the judges comments… Oge id better than the other two… Am happy.. They won with “likes”

  2. Enny Cole June 13, 2016 Reply

    Ace is right, they had upper hand in blog likes. Voting can be a pain.

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