…continued from Unforgiven VII


“What on earth are you talking about Amaka?” the bewildered expression on Ethel’s face couldn’t be faked.

“You know how you promised to talk about Charles Umoh before you ran out on me that day?” Amaka was glowering at her.

Ethel nodded slowly, “I’m sorry about that Amy. I just…I guess I wasn’t ready then.”

“And now?”

“Now I just want to go home. I’ve had a long day and…what’s this about…an abortion?” the meeting with Charles had left Ethel in a disagreeable mood and really she didn’t want it to rub off on Amaka. Her sense of urgency, the need to get out of church to where she’d feel a bit saner, was increasing.

“I think you’re gonna want to hear this, so tonight you’re coming home with Tayo and I. This hide-and-seek you’ve been playing with me, ends now,” it was the sternest she’d ever seen Amaka and Ethel knew she wasn’t getting off this one easily.

“Amaka, please…”

“No. No pleases tonight Eth. We’re going home to talk about this.”

“I have to go to work tomorrow.”

“Not a problem. I’ll make sure you’re home early enough tomorrow to get set for work. Or better still, if you finish off your story early…we’d get you back home tonight. Capiche?”

“Yes ma,” she let the sarcasm creep into her voice.

“Now I think you’d want to look at what’s in that envelope before we talk. Tayo should be here any minute with baby Sharon.”

If there was anything Ethel hated, it was being put on the spot. She knew however that there was no hiding away from this confrontation with Amaka. She had to come clean about everything. Even yesterday. But would she be bold enough to tell Amaka that if not for the fact that she and Charles had wound up outside last night, she’d have willingly jumped into his arms, his bed again? What did that say of her? She’d been willing to give the devil a chance at her again!

Would Amaka understand that this thing between her and Charles couldn’t be salvaged by time and distance alone? Would she know what it meant to feel such a destructive love for a man? She, after all had the perfect life. Perfect husband and child, everything about her screamed perfection and sometimes it hurt Ethel that she couldn’t have a normal life like Amaka. Those were thoughts she didn’t intend to voice, though.

“Are you reading this at all?” Amaka’s voice jolted her from her reverie.

Ethel hadn’t realised that she’d taken out the paper from the envelope and had spread it before her. Her thoughts had been elsewhere. Now to read this mystery-something; she blinked, looking at the numbers, squiggles and letters. They were written in doctor shorthand. It was obvious it was a medical report. The only thing that made sense to her was her name written in the space provided for ‘Patient’s Name’.

“What’s this? I don’t understand. You know I can’t read a doctor’s report,” she accused.

“Well, good thing I can.” Amaka had done a stint in the nursing school during her earlier years. She retrieved the paper from Ethel’s hand and spread it out.

“Wait, shouldn’t we wait till we get to your house? I’m not comfortable doing this in church,” Ethel looked around nervously. She had a feeling Amaka was about to open up a can of worms and she wanted it done somewhere private. Although the church was almost empty now, Ethel couldn’t help feeling like God’s eyes were staring down at her, huge and disapproving.

“Let me get Tayo and we’ll leave. If that makes you comfortable,” she sighed as she stood. “If you like, disappear again. It is what you’re good at, abi? I’ll take this paper with me, as insurance.”

Ethel didn’t reply. Amaka had never reprimanded her in such a manner before and she knew she had a right to be angry. She’d behaved like a child to the only person she could really call a friend in this town. No matter what, Amaka deserved an audience and no matter how squeamish it made Ethel feel, she knew she couldn’t bail out on her again.

The drive to Amaka’s house was quiet except for bursts of laughter from baby Sharon and the occasional flippant question from Tayo. Ethel didn’t know whether Amaka told her husband everything and frankly, she didn’t intend to find out. Let him judge her! Let him look at her with pity, she didn’t care! None of them knew what she’d gone through so they had a right to their opinion! So she wasn’t perfect like them, she didn’t have the most spectacular Christian life but Lord knows she was trying. God, how she was!

So, go ahead and judge me Tayo. Look at me with those glassy eyes of yours and pretend to not feel anything, even pity. I don’t care!

The painful thing was that she did care. She cared what these people thought of her because she was actually making an effort to be a better person.
Stop making any efforts. Let me do that for you.
She knew that voice anywhere. It was coming from somewhere deep in her soul. It was different from all the other voices; calm, soothing and all-knowing. It was deep calling out to deep. This wasn’t her head talking or her mind rationalizing, this was better – a voice providing solutions.

Cast all your burdens on Me; no worries.

In the backseat of her friend’s Volkswagen, Ethel felt her heart begin to come apart. She wanted to do so many things at the same time. Scream, weep, go on her knees and even sing but she sat, still. Holding on to the cherished words of assurance.

When they got to the house, Amaka led her without a word to the kitchen after handing baby Sharon over to her husband.

“We can talk here but first let me say something,” she took her friend by the shoulders, “I’m sorry. I haven’t been fair to you. I got angry that you left without a word that day and I forgot how difficult it must be for you to spill all those things about your life to me. I should’ve understood. It’s what Jesus would’ve done. So, please forgive me and if you don’t want to talk tonight, that is okay; I can drive you home now.”

Ethel responded by opening her arms and hugging Amaka. She was too overcome to speak. No one had ever apologized to her for something like this. Not her mother, nor Charles, nor any of the runs-girls she’d moved with, in the University.

“Forgive me,” she whispered, “I am ready to talk now.”

And she did.

“I was pregnant for Charles but I…” she began.
“You know what? Start from the beginning. How you met Charles,” Amaka prompted.


To be continued next week…


by Mimi Adebayo


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  1. Walter August 3, 2014 Reply

    Yes please, start from the very beginning. *adjusting on my seat beside Amaka* This ought to be good.

    PS: When you say Tayo’s ‘glassy’ eyes, I take it you mean Tayo wears glasses. If that’s what you mean, then ‘glassy’ isn’t the right adjective to qualify his eyes. ‘Bespectacled’ is more like it. #JustSaying

    • Duvicky August 3, 2014 Reply

      To be “glassy eyed” according to the dictionary means having a fixed stare due to interest, boredom etc

      • Chisom August 3, 2014 Reply

        Aha! That was the meaning I deduced oh.

    • Chisom August 3, 2014 Reply

      Noted, Waltz…I felt it was more ‘glossed over’ or near ‘stoned’. where this Mimi sef…come explain yasef!

  2. Tobe August 3, 2014 Reply

    I hope Eth opens up this time. *A n x i o u s l y W a i t i n g . . .*

  3. krystallemimi August 3, 2014 Reply

    I’m right here Marty. Thanks Walter for pointing that out, however I didn’t mean ‘bespectacled’, Duvicky and Marty are right. That’s what I was referring to.

    Thanks again y’all for following. I’m really really really really grateful (is that enough reallys? Lol)

    And hey, where you at Yemie?

    • Chisom August 3, 2014 Reply

      Enough reallys ke? Send me more jare…

      • Yemie August 3, 2014 Reply

        Aww! I’m right here for you mimilicious! And yes, that’s more than enough ‘reallys’! And we thank you and Chisom! You both make our Sundays dandy and you write beautifully too, like easy breezy, you don’t sweat it! So effortless, with much ease! You were born to do this! Grace multiplied! Keep soaring! *grouphugs* LOOL

  4. Yemie August 3, 2014 Reply

    Amaka’s real persistent I’d say! I’m just glad she’s leaving her be, to come clean of her own free will! Guilt can be so paralysing and then there’s self-condemnation! Its just like being naked and under the full glare of all! The next episode promises to be a bumper one I’ll bet! Can’t wait for Ethel to unleash on moi the full low down of dirty! *eyelashes* LOOL

    Kudos Mimi and Chisom! Thanks for keeping the entertainment alive!

    • Chisom August 3, 2014 Reply

      Always good to have you here, Yemie. And yes oh…bring it on, Thelia 😉

      • krystallemimi August 3, 2014 Reply

        Charlie, don’t find my trouble ooh.;)

        Hugging you right back Yemie. 😉

      • Chisom August 3, 2014 Reply

        Loool. Move over joor…i’m in the hug too

  5. paws. August 6, 2014 Reply

    Awwww. A girl friend like Amaka……….

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