Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Strong

They put loads on you Each person, his own little parcel You’re strong, they said You’ll make it through…that’s what you’re made for The water was deep Cold and unloving It called out to you Promising peace Promising to unburden It called, you answered It seduced, you fell Cold hands pulled at you Burdens dragged […]


Poets’ Thursday: Sometimes

Sometimes You’re all I want To be with you To breathe you   Sometimes I can’t stand you I can’t stand to be The shadow Of your glory You’re so perfect And I’m imperfect   Sometimes I am all you want. Sometimes It’s just like You’ve stopped trying Like you care no more   You […]


Once bitten …

I used to be like a city Walls all around I was my fortress Untouchable My walls High and lofty Impermeable Majestic They guarded They protected me They let people in Traders Merchants … … and Judas They let Judas in too He was all sweet Innocent The evil he bore in him He hid […]