Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Creed

Dear Fatherland, In numbers we die even after the tie. Are we still one when from ourselves we run? Neglecting peace, expecting our pieces. Am I prey for murder because I pray not like my brother? From a difference of latitudes to a difference of attitudes Different phases of terror. First there was the aqua […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Yesterday

Yesterday is a story of love, a story of war Of my deep-seated affection for And my battle with desires, Lord   Yesterday is when I used my pen To write words, not hope Yesterday is when my heart pumped blood, not love When my feet trod roads, not dreams   Yesterday is the awakening […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Not Again

I hear grating roars from the east , Which keep the rising sun dim. Another righter is born! This time with severe bond. He bears the last breath of unheard heroes, He carries the forgotten pains of kwashiorkor, And brings the knowledge of ULI airstrip; Where men who cannot put out the fire they start […]


Winie says … Marriage wars

My heart ached as I scrolled through the pictures of one of my favorite couples. There was so much to admire in their relationship. I least expected it, but it was happening again; yet another marriage had crashed. As with every marriage-crash, the fumes of agony, debris of pain, and casualties surrounded the couple. Every […]


Once bitten …

I used to be like a city Walls all around I was my fortress Untouchable My walls High and lofty Impermeable Majestic They guarded They protected me They let people in Traders Merchants … … and Judas They let Judas in too He was all sweet Innocent The evil he bore in him He hid […]

wounded soldier

The Wounded Soldier

Paul felt an arm lift his shoulder, and another beneath his feet. He knew he was slipping in and out of consciousness; as a med student, he knew the theory but had never experienced it. Until now. He tried to move, to stand up, to ask what was happening to him, but all his efforts […]


I wrote and published the essay reproduced below in 2013, and I am forced to resurrect it by the stunt pulled by the Nigerian Film and Video Censorship Board in delaying the release of the movie ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ to the public. The board reportedly took this action because certain parts of the […]


At about 2pm on the 3rd of April, I alighted from a bus under the Ojuelegba bridge. I came upon another bus parked just by the side of the road, with school children stuffed into it. My use of the word ‘stuffed’ is no accident because these children were not sitting; they were not even […]