The lectern

The Lectern: Examination malpractise

  Hey you 🙂 In the last couple of months, Nigerian younglings tidied up secondary and most of them (hopefully) will go on to tertiary education. After four or five years (or seven or eight, oshe ‘carry-over’) they’ll finish and graduate into the world. Then they will hustle locate work in law firms, oil companies, […]


For The Love Of Us – Episode 8

… continued from Episode 7 I knocked on his door. Silence. I hoped he was around; I hadn’t called ahead so as to surprise him. I knocked again and rested on the wall. My back still hurt from the journey. Passengers are tiring; they expect you to be fluent in Igbo just because you are […]


For The Love Of Us – Episode 7

… continued from Episode 6   The rest of the day went by in a blur. I hadn’t realized the extent of my exhaustion until I got home, took off my shoes and lay down. It was then that I wailed. I was grateful for my roommate’s absence. What was wrong with me? How could […]


For The Love Of Us: Episode 6

… continued from Episode 5 Suddenly, everything seemed a hundred times more difficult. Final year was as I expected, only harder. I now saw Kelvin in a different light since the night before I left for school, the night I let him see the scar Oke had given me, the scar I always tried to […]


Back to school

The atmosphere is calm. The school hostels are empty. The silence is so strong you can almost touch it. You alight from the keke that brought you to the girls’ block and search your purse for a 50 naira note to give the driver. Finding none, you hand him a 100 naira note. While you […]



Read the first part of this essay HERE   Another angle to this matter of educated illiteracy is Religion. The motto here in Nigeria is that ‘with God, everything is possible’. Now as a Christian I believe in miracles. They happen, but let us be reasonable here. Faith and hard work go hand in hand; […]



It was a fine, sunny Monday morning and we were having our third lesson, Mathematics. Our teacher was the no-nonsense kind. You either pay attention or pretend to. I was bored to the bones. I hated Mathematics. I picked up my pen and started painting the pictures on the cover of my exercise book; concentrating […]