War-displaced Mizelede mourns at the funeral of her grandfather, Leon Biliyo, 60, who died from malaria in Ngalima in northeastern Congo February 21, 2009. Thousands of Congolese have fled their villages since December as Lord's Resistance Army rebels roaming the bush carry out massacres that have killed some 900 civilians during the past two months. Picture taken February 21, 2009. REUTERS/Finbarr O'Reilly (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO) - RTXBX93


I walked for a while and stopped to see if the other boys were coming along. They were, but at a slower pace; we were age mates but they all looked much older. At sixteen; I was narrow-chested and lanky unlike my peers who were broad-chested and huge. I walked on by myself, through the […]

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“Hello. It’s me” “Oh. Hi baby.” thirty minutes earlier …   Getting into the house is the easy part. She has a replica of his house key in her bunch, and it only needed to go ‘missing’ for a day before you had your own copy. Creeping in through the backdoor, you hear the shower […]

Flash wednesday

Dear John

(Word length: 200-300 words) Dear John, I am writing to say something that I have always wanted to tell you: Thunder fire you. You promised we would always be together, fight our wars together, lose or win together. But it was only the first of your many lies. Yes, I was your side-kick, and then? […]


I am not normal

I am not normal. Do not try to convince me otherwise, really don’t. I know I am not, I’ve always known. I knew back in Primary 1 when my mum returned from the market without the mangoes she promised. She cut her hand while shredding vegetables that evening. I knew when my Primary 4 teacher […]



I love my wife. Don’t ever get that confused. Now that’s out of the way – there are a couple of other things you need to know. They say marriage is like night market – you never actually know what you bought – till it’s the morning after. Or better still; they also say marriage […]