The lectern

The Lectern: Rape – Our Fault?

Hello WAW people, This year came charged mehnnn, I tell you. The first quarter was ‘pure’, and now the second quarter has started with all manner of promise. Rights and justice for women and the girl child are topics we remain passionate about, especially in a society that appears to care less and less everyday. […]

War-displaced Mizelede mourns at the funeral of her grandfather, Leon Biliyo, 60, who died from malaria in Ngalima in northeastern Congo February 21, 2009. Thousands of Congolese have fled their villages since December as Lord's Resistance Army rebels roaming the bush carry out massacres that have killed some 900 civilians during the past two months. Picture taken February 21, 2009. REUTERS/Finbarr O'Reilly (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO) - RTXBX93


I walked for a while and stopped to see if the other boys were coming along. They were, but at a slower pace; we were age mates but they all looked much older. At sixteen; I was narrow-chested and lanky unlike my peers who were broad-chested and huge. I walked on by myself, through the […]

Flash wednesday


(200-300 words) “I am the monster that loves you!” A hot shiver crawled down her spine as she reached for the door knob. Turning it, the door gave way and history hit her in the face. Ten years suddenly seemed like yesterday. She peered, cautiously, before trudging her way inside the room. Nothing had changed. […]



You are restless. There seems to be so much yet so little going on in your small bob-encroached head. You walk around the house, grab a bottle of ice-cold eva water and gulp in the little left of the defrosted ice. You shake the can rigorously, just a teardrop-full falls into your mouth and you […]