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Dear Mother

Dear Mother,   I hate cooking. I. HATE. COOKING. You know it never came naturally to me. I’ve always had to write down your recipes because I never really understood the entire concept of cooking. At first, I worried that maybe there was something wrong with me, I mean, every ‘normal’ girl should know how […]

Flash wednesday

No Such Thing As Monsters

Word length: 600 – 700 “Mommy, there’s a monster in my room.” Jane’s mother sighed. “There’s no such thing as monsters, Jane. It’s just your imagination. Now close your eyes and go to sleep.” Jane clutched her teddy bear tightly to her chest, her knuckles turning white at the pressure she was exerting. She watched as her […]

Int’l women’s day [pic

African Girl

Don’t climb trees, our mothers told us, the boys would get a good view; keep your hair away from your face and smile. Smile like this when you like a person and like this when you don’t. Don’t slouch; no, that does not mean you should chest out either! What are you, a wrestler? Tufiakwa! […]



‘Apple! This one you remembered your mother today, what happened?’ his mother’s cheery voice rang in his ears. Genesis smiled the goofy smile that always emerged whenever his mother called him Apple. She’d called him nothing else for years. ‘You’re the Apple of my eyes,’ she said, when she began referring to him as Apple. […]



“You will not kill me in this house. You stupid girl.” “Mummy ndo, sorry, sorry.” “Sharrap! At your age, you are still bed-wetting. Sixteen years old” – she splayed out her fingers as if the digits were sixteen in number – “and you are still peeing on the bed like a baby. Agadi nwanyi baby! […]

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I still remember

  Growing up in the barracks was the best childhood experience. The communal life was second to none. The sharing of both Christmas and Sallah rice was always something to look up to; it tasted different from the Sunday ritual rice. The constant brawls between wives was mischievously a delightful sight to behold so far […]


Lessons life taught me – #1

#1 – Clothes make the man For Mark Twain, “clothes make the man, naked people have no influence on the society”, but for my mother, it has always been ”aso nla ko leyan nla”, meaning: clothes don’t make the man.  Growing up, that was the philosophy she instilled in me until I learnt a different […]



When he was six, Genesis had given his life to Christ before the congregation of children. It was his first attempt at that and he could faintly recall the childish excitement that had plowed through him as he stood among others, bowing his head and repeating those words after the children teacher. He had taken […]

Child giving mom a hug


A SMALL GIFT “Our problems often blunt us around edges that ought to be sharp, and make us prickly as thorns in all the wrong ways. But every so often, a gesture as small as warmth in the blood once more reaches out to infuse life in a cold heart.” Christmas was here, and even […]


…continued from UNFORGIVEN X She needed to convince him that she was for real. She gave him a demure smile as she let him in; he perused her body with hungry lust and didn’t say a word as he made a dive for her and began to kiss her. And for the first time ever, […]