“You will not kill me in this house. You stupid girl.” “Mummy ndo, sorry, sorry.” “Sharrap! At your age, you are still bed-wetting. Sixteen years old” – she splayed out her fingers as if the digits were sixteen in number – “and you are still peeing on the bed like a baby. Agadi nwanyi baby! […]



At first, it was all about the disease. They said I had breast cancer. I did not cry. I was too busy to cry, too busy not believing; the pains, the spongy lumps I ignored out of fear. Like that faulty tire you simply shun and drive on, telling yourself that it can’t be lethal, […]



You are restless. There seems to be so much yet so little going on in your small bob-encroached head. You walk around the house, grab a bottle of ice-cold eva water and gulp in the little left of the defrosted ice. You shake the can rigorously, just a teardrop-full falls into your mouth and you […]



It was a fine, sunny Monday morning and we were having our third lesson, Mathematics. Our teacher was the no-nonsense kind. You either pay attention or pretend to. I was bored to the bones. I hated Mathematics. I picked up my pen and started painting the pictures on the cover of my exercise book; concentrating […]