girl staring in fire

Dear Mother

Dear Mother,   I hate cooking. I. HATE. COOKING. You know it never came naturally to me. I’ve always had to write down your recipes because I never really understood the entire concept of cooking. At first, I worried that maybe there was something wrong with me, I mean, every ‘normal’ girl should know how […]


For The Love Of Us – Episode 11

… continued from Episode 10.  **Present day** I step out from the taxi and make my way into Jevinik. My tummy growls; what is left of my lunch break had better be enough time to fill it up. Today I did not take any files along, as I usually do, to get extra work done […]



“Fine boy!” the skinny half-naked ashewo called out to Abdul as he drove slowly past her, his window wound halfway down. Abdul cursed as he tried his dealer’s number once more; he had circled the crescent twice, trying to call Caesar the whole time but he’d been getting the busy tone. Mercifully, this time it […]

Flash wednesday


(Word length: 500-600 words) Each time the rain drums on the corrugated iron sheets, each time cars run by the major road like images being flipped by on a touch screen phone, each time I drift into my head and into reminiscence, I hear Ijenu’s voice screaming from the kitchen place “Liar liar, pants on […]

girl staring in fire


When I was in Primary school, I always looked forward to break time. Whenever the bell went off, Precious, Sopuru, Ogechi (bless her soul), Lola, Chioma and I would go behind the Administrative block close to the generator house to play our girl games. “Who stole the meat from the chicken pot, izit nur you […]

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“Hello. It’s me” “Oh. Hi baby.” thirty minutes earlier …   Getting into the house is the easy part. She has a replica of his house key in her bunch, and it only needed to go ‘missing’ for a day before you had your own copy. Creeping in through the backdoor, you hear the shower […]