For The Love Of Us: Episode 6

… continued from Episode 5 Suddenly, everything seemed a hundred times more difficult. Final year was as I expected, only harder. I now saw Kelvin in a different light since the night before I left for school, the night I let him see the scar Oke had given me, the scar I always tried to […]


For The Love Of Us: Episode 5

… continued from last week I sat quietly as he said all he had kept to himself for the past couple of months. He said he had never stopped having feelings for me. That I came into his life at a point when he needed a friend and even though I didn’t know it, I […]

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Love will come to you … Eventually

Story Title: “LOVE EVENTUALLY” SYNOPSIS He is a man who doesn’t understand roller-coasters. She is a woman who lives on the spur of the moment. And because opposites attract, they stood no chance apart, as they moved headlong toward each other. But can opposites remain together? Science may believe so, but in an arena where […]

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Dear John

(Word length: 200-300 words) Dear John, I am writing to say something that I have always wanted to tell you: Thunder fire you. You promised we would always be together, fight our wars together, lose or win together. But it was only the first of your many lies. Yes, I was your side-kick, and then? […]