The Medallion – IV

…continued from The Medallion – III “His mother, Mary” he answered.   Under the barrage of spittle, stones and lashes, the man rose again. Rufus didn’t understand why he didn’t just stay down – he stood and hoisted the cross higher onto his shoulder, teeth chattering, knees locked together at a very unnatural angle and […]


Warning: the pictures contained in this post are graphic and might be psychologically disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised News article culled from Daily Times NG: Finally, the Federal Government on Wednesday admitted that Nigeria was in danger with the rate at which the Ebola virus had been moving eastward towards the country. The Minister of […]

The Medallion – III

…continued from The Medallion – II After they found it, one of his contingency plans would roll into action; none of them held a good end for good ol’ Simon of Cyrene…   “Oho!” Simon exclaimed. He had been studying the clue for a while; they put their heads very close together to hear each […]

The Medallion – II

  continued from The Medallion – I… “Rufus?!” Even closer. He clutched his dagger tighter…   It would be a fast stab-and-scram, no hassles. “Where are you, son? Hey…make way…excuse me, have you seen my boy? Rufus?!” Son? Boy? Rufus froze, confused. A thin man wearing a traveler’s cloak and a frightful look on his […]

The Medallion – I

2057 years ago… Rufus hated crowds; the heat and noise of them, the slimy feel of sweaty bodies, choking pressure of body stench and putrid breaths…he hated it all. Rufus, son of Gozan, grandson of Elah of the house of Mikah the Nazarene, hated crowds – it was a farcical irony. His father and his […]


Come, what’s all this noise about women and an innate complexity? “Women are complex, difficult, unpredictable, irritable, erratic, incomprehensible”… is all I ever heard as a growing child. As I grew, the talk only got worse; interestingly, I discovered the even more distorted opinion that women are indeed in support of this peddled talk. I […]

Ebola – The 'Dumb' virus

The Ebola virus causes a disease called Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). The disease is also called Ebola Hemorrhaging fever or Dumb virus; while the former is obvious, the latter moniker comes from the fact that the disease, once it has manifested, kills off its host quite quickly. Evidently, it kills too fast to ensure extra […]