Lessons life taught me – #1

#1 – Clothes make the man For Mark Twain, “clothes make the man, naked people have no influence on the society”, but for my mother, it has always been ”aso nla ko leyan nla”, meaning: clothes don’t make the man.  Growing up, that was the philosophy she instilled in me until I learnt a different […]

Thia Adaugo

Dear 30-year old me

Hi Cynthia (or is it Adaugo now?), How are you? I hope you are genuinely happy? Did you find love with your ‘ideal’ guy? How ideal exactly is he? Are you married? Do you both have kids? Do you now have your Masters and PhD degrees, as we planned? I truly wish you have achieved […]


Winie says … Marriage wars

My heart ached as I scrolled through the pictures of one of my favorite couples. There was so much to admire in their relationship. I least expected it, but it was happening again; yet another marriage had crashed. As with every marriage-crash, the fumes of agony, debris of pain, and casualties surrounded the couple. Every […]



I love my wife. Don’t ever get that confused. Now that’s out of the way – there are a couple of other things you need to know. They say marriage is like night market – you never actually know what you bought – till it’s the morning after. Or better still; they also say marriage […]


Once bitten …

I used to be like a city Walls all around I was my fortress Untouchable My walls High and lofty Impermeable Majestic They guarded They protected me They let people in Traders Merchants … … and Judas They let Judas in too He was all sweet Innocent The evil he bore in him He hid […]



It was a fine, sunny Monday morning and we were having our third lesson, Mathematics. Our teacher was the no-nonsense kind. You either pay attention or pretend to. I was bored to the bones. I hated Mathematics. I picked up my pen and started painting the pictures on the cover of my exercise book; concentrating […]



We are all mad… think about it.  Some psychiatrists have said that insanity occurs on a spectrum, and any one of us can occur on it. And this ranges to extreme mental illnesses to problems like anger management and depression. Mental health is often sidelined in Nigeria. It’s fascinating to observe how we treat the […]

The Flash Trinity


THE FLASH:TRINITY. E.Aime v H.David. FINAL ROUND. *** Lights come on to K’naan’s ‘Waving Flag’ as Eketi strolls in to chants from the Afang Gang. Her Tee shows the extended mouth of a viper with a hand on its throat in front and at the back, it’s written in sequence: ARRIVE DE’FANG LEAVE Common and […]


Dear 6-month old me

Dear 6-month old me, You look rather chubby today; probably because I have been rubbing my eyes lately. Something is in my eye again. The right one itches all the time. I might get an infection if I don’t stop soon. But I’m not writing to talk about my eye. I have some questions for […]


Fresh new column … coming soon!

This is a public service announcement. It is with great pleasure, and for your even greater reading pleasure, that ‘Words Are Work’ brings you a fresh new column from one of our extremely talented writers. You might remember her better as ‘Nikki’ – that female protagonist whose hunger met its physical and spiritual equal in […]