girl staring in fire

Dear Mother

Dear Mother,   I hate cooking. I. HATE. COOKING. You know it never came naturally to me. I’ve always had to write down your recipes because I never really understood the entire concept of cooking. At first, I worried that maybe there was something wrong with me, I mean, every ‘normal’ girl should know how […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Lifeless

I knew a girl once, a real fire-starter Zestful Zeeba, petite trouble-maker I knew a girl once, Feels so long ago The passion, the adventure; where did it all go?   Isn’t the essence of life to live? Isn’t the essence of love to give? Isn’t the essence of hate to inflict wounds so deep, […]


My Naija Heat Schedule

I dunno which is worse: the heat or NEPA. Now lemme intimate you guys with my ‘heat schedule’ everyday: 7:30 P.M.: Comes back from work, PHCN takes light immediately I step into the sitting room. 7:35 P.M.: Puts on Generator. 7:40 P.M.: Makes dinner and eats. 8:30 P.M.: Showers and makes some calls while lying […]

Flash wednesday


Word length: 400-500 words   Jos, 24th Dec 2012. “Mama, I’ll be back by Sunday,” I shouted into the phone as the tricycle sped to the popular tomato market along Bauchi ring road. I noticed some young men loitering in a corner and my chest tightened a bit. I quickly chided myself for being paranoid. […]

girl staring in fire


When I was in Primary school, I always looked forward to break time. Whenever the bell went off, Precious, Sopuru, Ogechi (bless her soul), Lola, Chioma and I would go behind the Administrative block close to the generator house to play our girl games. “Who stole the meat from the chicken pot, izit nur you […]