Rainy day in June

A Rainy Day In June

It’s raining again today, like it did yesterday and the day before. Rainy days are signature of June, my birth-month and the month I finally walked away. Childhood in the Beluah temple cast some indelible marks in my life. Shadows that followed me where ever I went. The temple where father was a priest was […]

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Love Eventually – Chapter 4

If you are just joining us, catch up now: Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. April 2015 “Can I wear a dress?” Cordelia sneered at herself. “Can I wear a dress indeed! Dariz how you will be opening your mouth upandan trying to be funny. Oya wear it nah, wear the dress…” She kept the monologue […]

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Love Eventually – Chapter 2

See Chapter 1 HERE   March 2015 President Jonathan was not helping himself. Barely a month from the Presidential elections and the entire nation was in uproar; terrorists still slaying, prices shooting higher, and fuel was nowhere to be found. The opposition party was having a party, dancing on the crumbling face of the President’s […]

The lectern

The Lectern: Burger Kings

It is usually at the end of a phase that we often reminisce, reenacting the best parts of the past and regretting the worst. Regrets however, never helped anyone live an extra second, and so it is a wasteful venture. Rather than regret and pine over things done wrong in the past, why not wear […]


The Day He Showed Up

Nikki ran a few paces after the bus, “Ole! Thief!” She looked for something to throw, and found nothing. “Thunder faya you dia. Oloshi!” The bus conductor had just hopped on the bus and told the driver to drive away, with her ten Naira change. Mud spewed from the tires of the fleeing bus and […]