Hello WAWfuls. Its been fun following our mannest man, Genesis on this long eventful journey, but today, we are finally here.   When he knocked on Lola’s door, his wristwatch read 8:05pm but Genesis was past caring. There was a slight rustle at the window and the curtain shifted to reveal a face-presumably Lola’s. A […]

The lectern

The Lectern: Burger Kings

It is usually at the end of a phase that we often reminisce, reenacting the best parts of the past and regretting the worst. Regrets however, never helped anyone live an extra second, and so it is a wasteful venture. Rather than regret and pine over things done wrong in the past, why not wear […]


‘Joy’ of Motherhood

“I have often wondered, how throughout history, women have continued to endure the pain of childbirth Evidently though, this is not a question to task the mind long”   It was almost a month since the delivery of her baby; it had been an especially difficult birth and she had lost a great quantity of […]

it rained again today

I came across this poem and fell in love, not just because it’s a well-crafted piece of art but because boy, I PLAYED in the rain as a kid. Its writer is a wonderful young man by name of Alyazid Alexander Osinachi Okoli who writes under the pseudonym, ‘The BlackInk’. (Ghen ghen):) When asked about […]