You are restless. There seems to be so much yet so little going on in your small bob-encroached head. You walk around the house, grab a bottle of ice-cold eva water and gulp in the little left of the defrosted ice. You shake the can rigorously, just a teardrop-full falls into your mouth and you […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: You, Neena

Your breath against my ears is like the flutter of many wings. Those large eyes bore into me and I am in awe. They bare tales, unvoiced ones from a distant land. Tales of experiences before now. While you tumbled in water and elements. There, breathing behind a protruded tummy. You, this symphony of harmonious […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Another one

You clutch the clothes to your skin Cold Nostalgia chills you to the bones You walked away again This time the mallet hit the wood Arrogant tears traipse down your skin Regret and pain encircle your bosom As you nod painfully Your thoughts walk back in time to When you sold your soul to lust, […]


What If

I was 18 when we broke up; 18 years, 11 months and 29 days old to be precise. He attacked my weight again, I remember it like it was yesterday. The first time he did it, I can’t remember what we were talking about but arthritis came up and he said I should watch my […]

The lectern

The Lectern: My Sketchbook

The mellow is upon us yet again in this month’s edition of ‘The Lectern’. The ‘crazy architect’ we will be reading today is Hope; if you asked her, she would say that she only writes from a moist mind. After reading this, I was astounded by the moistness in mine. As an aside, can we […]