Flash wednesday


Word length: 300 – 400 We were rolling along Ahmadu Bello. I sat in the middle, between the driver and the other passenger. So I had a good view. Up ahead, two men were filling a car with petrol – a hustling black marketer and his better dressed car-owner client. The 20-litre gallon sat on […]

Flash wednesday

The Good Samaritan

Word length: 200-300 words I used four thousand Naira to buy fuel for my car. I decided to use the remaining one thousand Naira to get some food in a restaurant before going to face the Lagos traffic. As my order arrived and I started to eat, I heard a voice say, “I love the […]


The Day He Showed Up

Nikki ran a few paces after the bus, “Ole! Thief!” She looked for something to throw, and found nothing. “Thunder faya you dia. Oloshi!” The bus conductor had just hopped on the bus and told the driver to drive away, with her ten Naira change. Mud spewed from the tires of the fleeing bus and […]



www You steal a glance over your right shoulder at the door. It stays shut. You turn back to your laptop. .xnx … Your right pointer hovers over the next key. Your breathing slows almost to a stop; while your heart drums itself silly, you feel moistness form on your forehead. You fight it, with […]