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Sweet boy

See person pikin, see as e fresh…  You dry your dripping body with the towel, careful to avoid ripping it in places where time and use have stretched it thin. You try to calculate how much money you have gotten in a week. You can’t. You’re assured it is a sizable sum. You remind yourself […]

Flash wednesday

The Last Thing I Remember

Word length: 200-300 Blackness. Someone is frantically calling my name. A tiny light. I walk towards it. It keeps growing. I follow it. ***** I wake up on the floor. Why am I on the ground by the roadside? And why is there a crowd around me? I don’t remember lying down here. I remember […]


Back to school

The atmosphere is calm. The school hostels are empty. The silence is so strong you can almost touch it. You alight from the keke that brought you to the girls’ block and search your purse for a 50 naira note to give the driver. Finding none, you hand him a 100 naira note. While you […]



It was a Saturday evening…one of those unfortunate Saturdays when the bank required I put in some hours. I was standing at the kitchen sink. Practically everything hurt: my feet ached; my knees knocked against each other; my waist felt broken; my arms felt like lead weights; and most of all, my shoulders: they felt […]


I am not normal

I am not normal. Do not try to convince me otherwise, really don’t. I know I am not, I’ve always known. I knew back in Primary 1 when my mum returned from the market without the mangoes she promised. She cut her hand while shredding vegetables that evening. I knew when my Primary 4 teacher […]

The lectern

The Lectern: My Sketchbook

The mellow is upon us yet again in this month’s edition of ‘The Lectern’. The ‘crazy architect’ we will be reading today is Hope; if you asked her, she would say that she only writes from a moist mind. After reading this, I was astounded by the moistness in mine. As an aside, can we […]