The Medallion – Found.

…continued from The Medallion V They had found it; they had found The Medallion. The man who Simon had identified as Joseph of Arimathea spread out a length of white linen on the floor with which he wrapped up the body of Jesus. Mary and the other woman put the handkerchief containing the blood-drenched soil […]

The Medallion – V

Dear readers, see the MEMO just beneath this installment for a very very VERILY important announcement. Expo: Prizes to be won!!! …continued from The Medallion IV “Hold it!!!” Rufus bolted up, one hand automatically reaching for his dagger…   Slowly, he rose into a crouching position and turned around to see who it was. “Hold […]

The Medallion – II

  continued from The Medallion – I… “Rufus?!” Even closer. He clutched his dagger tighter…   It would be a fast stab-and-scram, no hassles. “Where are you, son? Hey…make way…excuse me, have you seen my boy? Rufus?!” Son? Boy? Rufus froze, confused. A thin man wearing a traveler’s cloak and a frightful look on his […]

The Medallion – I

2057 years ago… Rufus hated crowds; the heat and noise of them, the slimy feel of sweaty bodies, choking pressure of body stench and putrid breaths…he hated it all. Rufus, son of Gozan, grandson of Elah of the house of Mikah the Nazarene, hated crowds – it was a farcical irony. His father and his […]