Flash wednesday

The Last Thing I Remember

Word length: 200-300 Blackness. Someone is frantically calling my name. A tiny light. I walk towards it. It keeps growing. I follow it. ***** I wake up on the floor. Why am I on the ground by the roadside? And why is there a crowd around me? I don’t remember lying down here. I remember […]


#1Pic100Words – FINALS

And we’re in the finals. The finalists are: Bura-Bari Nwilo Oluwasayofunmi Juba Samuel Ogechukwu Emmanuel   This is how it works: Finalists will write a flash fiction piece inspired by or depicting this image in 100 words max. Deadline for submission is MIDNIGHT Thursday. Any finalist who has not submitted by 11:59PM on Thursday, June […]

1st digital painting low resolution

#1Pic100Words – Picture 1

… and we’re off to a start!!! Write a 100-word piece inspired by or depicting this picture and send entries to contests@wordsarework.com Some of the contest rules again (see full details at contests.wordsarework.com) This contest is open to writers everywhere in Nigeria. Entries must be written in English. Only one entry per person. All work […]

Flash wednesday

No Such Thing As Monsters

Word length: 600 – 700 “Mommy, there’s a monster in my room.” Jane’s mother sighed. “There’s no such thing as monsters, Jane. It’s just your imagination. Now close your eyes and go to sleep.” Jane clutched her teddy bear tightly to her chest, her knuckles turning white at the pressure she was exerting. She watched as her […]

Flash wednesday


(Word length: 500-600 words) Each time the rain drums on the corrugated iron sheets, each time cars run by the major road like images being flipped by on a touch screen phone, each time I drift into my head and into reminiscence, I hear Ijenu’s voice screaming from the kitchen place “Liar liar, pants on […]

Flash wednesday


Word length: 400-500 words   Jos, 24th Dec 2012. “Mama, I’ll be back by Sunday,” I shouted into the phone as the tricycle sped to the popular tomato market along Bauchi ring road. I noticed some young men loitering in a corner and my chest tightened a bit. I quickly chided myself for being paranoid. […]

Flash wednesday

The devil and the lagoon

(Word length: 400-500 words) I boarded a molue back from church on Sunday. This is one side of a telephone conversation by a fellow passenger. “Yes? Why are you calling? Shebi I said you people should not call me?” Pause. “He did what?” Pause. “What do you mean ‘he is not talking’?” At this point, […]