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Book Review: An Imperfect Blessing by Nadia Davids

April 2016 (4/12) An Imperfect Blessing by Nadia Davids Literary Published by Random Struik (April 2014) 416 pages, hardback   Hi, guys. How was April? Good? This month, we’re looking at Nadia Davids’ AN IMPERFECT BLESSING. In 1993, South Africa is on the brink of political transformation. Fourteen-year-old Alia Dawood undergoes a transformation of her […]

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Love Eventually – Chapter 3

Today’s Chapter is already racking up views on www.mymindsnaps.com Hurry over and have your share 🙂   See the posting schedule again below: POSTING SCHEDULE Wednesday – 16/12/2015 – Love Eventually: Episode 1 – My Mind Snaps (www.mymindsnaps.com) Thursday – 17/12/2015 – Love Eventually: Episode 2 – Words Are Work (www.wordsarework.com) Friday – 18/12/2015 – Love Eventually: […]


It hurt. The tightness in her back and leg muscles, it really hurt. She stopped in a semi-crouch, her knees supporting her hands while she gulped in loads of the cold night air. Her vision was blurred by sweat, tears and grime. But still, she saw it – the light. Yellow and enchanting, it beckoned […]