Ije enu

Ije Enu

Okwukogu was a perennially restless man. His job made him restless. He hardly had time alone to himself at the office. Despite being the boss, he felt he was not in control, and everyone was plotting against him. His car made him restless. There was not a week that passed that the damned chunk of […]

Rainy day in June

A Rainy Day In June

It’s raining again today, like it did yesterday and the day before. Rainy days are signature of June, my birth-month and the month I finally walked away. Childhood in the Beluah temple cast some indelible marks in my life. Shadows that followed me where ever I went. The temple where father was a priest was […]

A Year of Books

Book Review: An Imperfect Blessing by Nadia Davids

April 2016 (4/12) An Imperfect Blessing by Nadia Davids Literary Published by Random Struik (April 2014) 416 pages, hardback   Hi, guys. How was April? Good? This month, we’re looking at Nadia Davids’ AN IMPERFECT BLESSING. In 1993, South Africa is on the brink of political transformation. Fourteen-year-old Alia Dawood undergoes a transformation of her […]



“Fine boy!” the skinny half-naked ashewo called out to Abdul as he drove slowly past her, his window wound halfway down. Abdul cursed as he tried his dealer’s number once more; he had circled the crescent twice, trying to call Caesar the whole time but he’d been getting the busy tone. Mercifully, this time it […]



The first time I spoke to Yajide, I had just woken from a light sleep and he was standing there, staring at me, wearing a beautiful smile, and that singular outfit of dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt. I no longer ask if those are his only clothes; there is something comforting in knowing […]


The Clinical Rapist

At the start of this year, my family and I returned to Lagos from the village. In addition to the bags of udara and other eatable stuff, close relations were part of the ‘back-to-Lagos package’. We came back with Ihuoma, a distant cousin. All I know about her is that she finished primary school, is […]


For The Love Of Us: Episode 1

I stopped by Abigail’s house on my way for rehearsal.   She had insisted that I come pick her up. It was the second month since I joined the crew. I was still getting used to the quick routines and the head choreographer’s habit of pushing me to learn twice as fast as the others. Either […]


Understanding me – At 19

At 19, I decided I was no longer fine being normal. By normal I mean the kinda girl who accepted everything BS and all. The welcoming lady, with a perfect smile Quiet and shy and coy too, I guess. To make men feel less threatened, Speak only when spoken to, Keep your opinions to yourself, […]



Hello WAWfuls. Its been fun following our mannest man, Genesis on this long eventful journey, but today, we are finally here.   When he knocked on Lola’s door, his wristwatch read 8:05pm but Genesis was past caring. There was a slight rustle at the window and the curtain shifted to reveal a face-presumably Lola’s. A […]



‘Apple! This one you remembered your mother today, what happened?’ his mother’s cheery voice rang in his ears. Genesis smiled the goofy smile that always emerged whenever his mother called him Apple. She’d called him nothing else for years. ‘You’re the Apple of my eyes,’ she said, when she began referring to him as Apple. […]