For The Love Of Us: Episode 2

“Did you hear what I said?” her soft voice came from the other end of the line. I wanted to scream with excitement for her. I wanted to yell: Oh my God! There’s a guy! and hear her giggle in agreement. But instead I said, “Yes, I heard you. You have feelings for Kelvin.” The […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Lifeless

I knew a girl once, a real fire-starter Zestful Zeeba, petite trouble-maker I knew a girl once, Feels so long ago The passion, the adventure; where did it all go?   Isn’t the essence of life to live? Isn’t the essence of love to give? Isn’t the essence of hate to inflict wounds so deep, […]



I am not fine, how can I be When you have chosen not to ask When you have chosen not to call When you have chosen not to change When you have chosen to be you No I am not fine I am not fine, how can I be When my hormones and cycle have […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Not Again

I hear grating roars from the east , Which keep the rising sun dim. Another righter is born! This time with severe bond. He bears the last breath of unheard heroes, He carries the forgotten pains of kwashiorkor, And brings the knowledge of ULI airstrip; Where men who cannot put out the fire they start […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday Review: ONE LAST CHANCE

When #WordsAreWork approached me about reviewing the poems that’d be getting published on the site, my first instinct was delight. That was quickly swamped by hesitation, when I realized that I’d be dabbling in a genre of literature that I hadn’t quite the handle on anymore. I embarked on my journey of writing through poetry. […]

The Flash Trinity


Holla!!!  The Flash: Challenge in collabo with Words Are Work brings you The Flash: Trinity. And if you’re wondering who ‘The Flash: Challenge’ is…or what the ‘The Flash: Trinity’ is, just click HERE. Today, we’ll be reading Round 1 of the Flash: Trinity, a literary faceoff between Eketi Aime and Hymar David. . So…Hymar and Eketi both […]