A Nigerian Easter

The last time I attended confession, I was mighty troubled. It’s a miracle that in the midst of all my iniquities, my conscience somehow finds a way to remain alive. So, I was in turmoil over my own deeds and misdeeds, all of which I relayed to the priest through the dusty net at the […]

The Medallion – Found.

…continued from The Medallion V They had found it; they had found The Medallion. The man who Simon had identified as Joseph of Arimathea spread out a length of white linen on the floor with which he wrapped up the body of Jesus. Mary and the other woman put the handkerchief containing the blood-drenched soil […]

…loading: The Medallion – Found

A VERY MERRY EASTER TO YOU! In the build-up to the posting of ‘The Medallion – Found’ episode, take note of the following adjustments. There has been just one change. The concluding episode for The Medallion will now be posted by 9AM ON EASTER SUNDAY (APRIL 20, 2014), less than nine hours from now. PRIZE […]