girl staring in fire

Dear Mother

Dear Mother,   I hate cooking. I. HATE. COOKING. You know it never came naturally to me. I’ve always had to write down your recipes because I never really understood the entire concept of cooking. At first, I worried that maybe there was something wrong with me, I mean, every ‘normal’ girl should know how […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Growing up

Growing up sometimes feels like a choker You know, that necklace that claws at your throat Truth is, from a distance, it appears very beautiful And perfect. But just like the wearer alone knows where the shoe pinches I alone know how it feels.   Some days, it’s good. And cool. And free. You know, […]

Dr Desh_196738

I still remember

  Growing up in the barracks was the best childhood experience. The communal life was second to none. The sharing of both Christmas and Sallah rice was always something to look up to; it tasted different from the Sunday ritual rice. The constant brawls between wives was mischievously a delightful sight to behold so far […]

Flash wednesday


(Word length: 500-600 words) Each time the rain drums on the corrugated iron sheets, each time cars run by the major road like images being flipped by on a touch screen phone, each time I drift into my head and into reminiscence, I hear Ijenu’s voice screaming from the kitchen place “Liar liar, pants on […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: You, Neena

Your breath against my ears is like the flutter of many wings. Those large eyes bore into me and I am in awe. They bare tales, unvoiced ones from a distant land. Tales of experiences before now. While you tumbled in water and elements. There, breathing behind a protruded tummy. You, this symphony of harmonious […]


I am not normal

I am not normal. Do not try to convince me otherwise, really don’t. I know I am not, I’ve always known. I knew back in Primary 1 when my mum returned from the market without the mangoes she promised. She cut her hand while shredding vegetables that evening. I knew when my Primary 4 teacher […]