Understanding me – At 19

At 19, I decided I was no longer fine being normal. By normal I mean the kinda girl who accepted everything BS and all. The welcoming lady, with a perfect smile Quiet and shy and coy too, I guess. To make men feel less threatened, Speak only when spoken to, Keep your opinions to yourself, […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Growing up

Growing up sometimes feels like a choker You know, that necklace that claws at your throat Truth is, from a distance, it appears very beautiful And perfect. But just like the wearer alone knows where the shoe pinches I alone know how it feels.   Some days, it’s good. And cool. And free. You know, […]

Thia Adaugo

Dear 30-year old me

Hi Cynthia (or is it Adaugo now?), How are you? I hope you are genuinely happy? Did you find love with your ‘ideal’ guy? How ideal exactly is he? Are you married? Do you both have kids? Do you now have your Masters and PhD degrees, as we planned? I truly wish you have achieved […]


Dear 6-month old me

Dear 6-month old me, You look rather chubby today; probably because I have been rubbing my eyes lately. Something is in my eye again. The right one itches all the time. I might get an infection if I don’t stop soon. But I’m not writing to talk about my eye. I have some questions for […]