For The Love of Us – Episode 9

… continued from Episode 8   “Hi.” “Isn’t it a bit late for you to be here?” He was still smiling as he let me in. “I know. I wanted to apologize for earlier today. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. It’s just that when I lay on you, I remembered …” “Oke.” I […]


For The Love Of Us: Episode 6

… continued from Episode 5 Suddenly, everything seemed a hundred times more difficult. Final year was as I expected, only harder. I now saw Kelvin in a different light since the night before I left for school, the night I let him see the scar Oke had given me, the scar I always tried to […]


For The Love Of Us: Episode 5

… continued from last week I sat quietly as he said all he had kept to himself for the past couple of months. He said he had never stopped having feelings for me. That I came into his life at a point when he needed a friend and even though I didn’t know it, I […]

War-displaced Mizelede mourns at the funeral of her grandfather, Leon Biliyo, 60, who died from malaria in Ngalima in northeastern Congo February 21, 2009. Thousands of Congolese have fled their villages since December as Lord's Resistance Army rebels roaming the bush carry out massacres that have killed some 900 civilians during the past two months. Picture taken February 21, 2009. REUTERS/Finbarr O'Reilly (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO) - RTXBX93


I walked for a while and stopped to see if the other boys were coming along. They were, but at a slower pace; we were age mates but they all looked much older. At sixteen; I was narrow-chested and lanky unlike my peers who were broad-chested and huge. I walked on by myself, through the […]

Flash wednesday

Not Yet Free

(Word length: 200-300 words) Every evening, her face clouded with despair as she sat in a battered rocking chair. The hot noon sun blazed on her; she should have trembled but she did not. She was waiting for him to return, her husband. To nuzzle, cuddle and peck her like the good old days. But […]


Deliverance – the finale

  Nowhere else but in WAW could the conclusion of a two-part story come so long after the first, and yet be appreciated. For your patience and understanding, I thank you beautiful people. You rock, yes you! If you missed the first part, don’t scroll down yet; click on Deliverance to start from the start […]


Winie says … Coulda-been-in-laws (COBIL)

Coulda-been-in-laws are family members of your significant other whom you get very close to over the course of your relationship but get stuck with even after the relationship ends. It’s painful to form relationships with them, prepare financially, emotionally and mentally to be part of their lives, and then experience a break-up with the person […]



Bro Hygi dipped his thumb in the bowl of olive oil and leant over her supine body. He traced small crosses on her forehead, lips, and cleavage; he got to her palms but they were tightly shut. He tried to pry them open but the girl clenched them even tighter. “Aha!” Bro Hygi yelled, “See […]

angel on cloud

Roses and Angels V

continued from last week… “You…you know…” “Yes,” the old lady interrupted, “I know exactly what you are. You are a light, child, so why are you hiding?” Your afternoon just went from one amazing high to a terrible low, and now you are just bouncing back and forth, your mind a jumble of abrasive thoughts. […]