Previously on ‘For The Love Of Us’

**Readers’ note below the post   In Episode 1 Kaitlyn plays Dr Phil and discovers two things: Kelvin is in love with her.   Kelvin’s message sounded urgent … I didn’t understand what he meant and so I asked. He said he had feelings for me and had had them for a while. I freaked out; […]


For The Love Of Us – Episode 11

… continued from Episode 10.  **Present day** I step out from the taxi and make my way into Jevinik. My tummy growls; what is left of my lunch break had better be enough time to fill it up. Today I did not take any files along, as I usually do, to get extra work done […]


For The Love Of Us – Episode 7

… continued from Episode 6   The rest of the day went by in a blur. I hadn’t realized the extent of my exhaustion until I got home, took off my shoes and lay down. It was then that I wailed. I was grateful for my roommate’s absence. What was wrong with me? How could […]


For The Love Of Us: Episode 1

I stopped by Abigail’s house on my way for rehearsal.   She had insisted that I come pick her up. It was the second month since I joined the crew. I was still getting used to the quick routines and the head choreographer’s habit of pushing me to learn twice as fast as the others. Either […]


According to a report on BellaNaija, “More devastating news for the country. Sahara Reporters just sent out a tweet that National Emergency Officials have reported an explosion in Nyanya general area of Abuja. The news organization spoke with several emergency responders heading to the scene. They are unaware of the cause of explosion. Number of […]