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See person pikin, see as e fresh… 

You dry your dripping body with the towel, careful to avoid ripping it in places where time and use have stretched it thin. You try to calculate how much money you have gotten in a week. You can’t. You’re assured it is a sizable sum. You remind yourself to buy a new one asap.

You pause for a moment. Madam. Leticia. You think of her. Chief’s beautiful wife. Firm fair skin, smooth as a baby’s bum. Full lips. You remember how well she kissed you yesterday, how much she needed you. And oh that backside. You don’t know it but you lick your lower lip. You remind yourself to get dressed. The car will not drive itself to see Madam Anita.

If you see am dey come, give am respect…

You reach for lotion on the dresser. You smile. “You need to take care of yourself now,” Leticia always reminds you. She likes your abs and biceps – souvenirs from your former life as a laborer. They make her feel secure. To keep her happy, you attend a gym on Saturdays to keep them toned. You pay more attention to your skin now. Lotions. Toners. Sunscreen. Scrubs. Exotic face masks. Bath salts. She indulges you. When you complain, she tells you that she wants you to look good enough to eat.

All white Agbada check the Rolex… 

You slide open your closet door and walk in. You spy the Agbada in the corner and contemplate it for a moment. Nah. Today is casual. You’ll still stew. You select a pair of fitting denim trousers from the stack on the shelf. You know they cost a lot. But you don’t care. Leticia and her friends buy you everything you want.

You put on the jeans, then find a polo. The grey one Michelle got you catches your attention. Michelle. One other amazing woman. You think. You stop yourself. Today, it’s just you and Madam Anita.

You pull on a pair of socks, then your favorite wristwatch. You put in on and check the time. Maybe you can squeeze in a felatio from Amaka before heading out. You decide against it. You’re sure you’d enjoy your time with Madam Anita.

You brush your hair, then comb your beards. Your pick up a scent bottle. A puff here. A spritz there. You walk to the shelves holding your shoes. Your haven. You pick up the black trainers you got after your first time with Madam Anita. You’re sure she’ll remember.

You’re good to go.

Sweet boy. Fresh guy. 

You pick up your iPhone x and walk to Sammy’s door.

“Guy, you don ready?”

“Since nah. Make we dey go. Chai! See as you set. Madam go enjoy today o.”

“Abegi. Omo, I like dis your shoe o. E make sense die.”

“Oya na, snap am..”

You stand facing him. You open your camera and take a picture. You upload on the gram: #sba

You head out. It’s a beautiful day.


By Hope Eboh

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