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WAW Fiction MicroMasterclass: Plot, Setting & Description (Bundle)


Practical guides from the WAW Fiction Masterclass on how to improve your fiction writing skills in Plot, Setting & Description.


The WAW Fiction Masterclass series (#WAWFM) are fun one-day intensives organised for writers of fiction, organised by WordsAreWork. They feature learning sessions, reading excerpts, videos, writing, workshopping and review of pieces. There’s also music, food, and a sense of community and networking with great writerly folk.

This ebook bundle is a compilation of learning notes for the elements of fiction taught at the #WAWFM 2: Plot, Setting & Description. It is a practical guide and was extensively researched, compiled and bound by the WAW Team, and in the simplest words, you will find it adequately satisfies your needs as a writer of fiction.

Word back from the masterclass …

“As the hours unfolded, I began to see fiction differently. It was fresh. It was liberating. I was not a truck pusher anymore – pushing my story to a ‘perfect’ ending with all the brawn I could muster. I was the little girl letting go of my kite and watching the wind toss it this way and that. I was the artist who merely created the character, the story for the reader and was not entirely responsible for the outcome or what the reader felt about it because hey, characters are real humans living real lives.

And humans are imperfect and real life is full of uncertainties.”

Oyindamola Williams.

I felt at home and wondered for the umpteenth time why a gathering like this had never happened before. Perhaps it had and I just was not aware of it. With three kids under the age of 6, and a demanding nine-to-God knows when; it was fair to say I lived under a rock.”

Maureen Chude.

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