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In Episode 1 Kaitlyn plays Dr Phil and discovers two things:

  1. Kelvin is in love with her.


Kelvin’s message sounded urgent … I didn’t understand what he meant and so I asked. He said he had feelings for me and had had them for a while. I freaked out; Kelvin was my friend. I didn’t see him that way.

2.  Abigail is in love with Kelvin.


“That’s not the only problem,” Abigail said, “the thing is … I have feelings for Kelvin.”

And thus begins the thrilling love triangle


In Episode 2 Kaitlyn empathizes with Abigail as she tries to gain Kelvin’s love. On the other hand, her friendship with Kelvin blooms and they almost share a kiss. Almost.


“Wait, you’ve never been kissed before?!”

I shook my head … “What’s the big deal sef?…”

Kelvin smiled, leaned in closer and asked in a feather soft voice, “What would you do if I kissed you right now?”

It is safe to say that it is at this point that Kaitlyn realized she was part of the aforementioned triangle. Something the rest of us haff know


While Kaitlyn still struggles to get over the ‘near-kiss’ in Episode 3, Kelvin’s ex-girlfriend drops in at a rehearsal. And as is the manner with all exes, she was hawt! (P.S: why do they always have to be like that?!)


… her simple dress clung to her quite well accentuating her well rounded breasts. Looking the way she was while still seated, I wasn’t particularly excited about seeing her stand … then she stood. She was very … feminine. I was suddenly aware of how small I looked with breasts that vowed to remain the size of tomatoes, too subtle curves and a backside most would describe as ‘just ok’. Plus, I was dressed in my regular sleeves and skinny jeans …

Lol. Sister Kaitlyn will not even epp herself.smh. Anyway she and Kelvin finally get to talk about Esther (his ex); it turns out he wasn’t fazed.


He went on to tell me about the relationship they had had, he and Esther, a relationship he had been sure would lead to marriage. She was his everything and thought he was her all … I wanted him to skip to the end. It was like the story in a novel I couldn’t wait to finish.

“Why did you come back?” I realized I had asked the question out loud only after it came out.

“I was stupid for leaving in the first place,” he said.


In Episode 4, the dance crew organizes a surprise get-together for Kaitlyn before she leaves for school. Someone – you know who – gives her an unexpected gift.


I looked at the Casio watch. The black leather wrist watch I had fallen in love with the first time I saw it on his wrist. The watch I had asked, begged, cajoled him for countless times. The watch he said he would never give me. The watch that now sat pretty on my wrist. The watch that was now mine.

I felt my heart warm up as I looked at him … he seemed to understand because he grinned cheekily and dragged me back towards the crew.


The floodgates open in Episode 5 when Kelvin and Kaitlyn (should we just start calling them K-squared abeg?) have a heart-to-heart which unearths hidden truths and opens old wounds.


I felt his cold hands on my face and was immediately jolted back to reality. It all came back to me in a flash – the pain, the fear, the man.

I stood abruptly and muttered excuses about having to go in but Kelvin stopped me.

“Did I say something wrong?” he asked. “I’m sorry.”

A heartful of tears later …


“I was sexually abused”… I told Kelvin everything.



Kaitlyn sees Kelvin differently after that night; she is constantly thinking about him in Episode 6 a.k.a he is ♫ bursting her brain ♪♪.


After that night, a lot of things began to happen to me, a lot of things I couldn’t really explain. Thoughts of Kelvin constantly occupied my mind. His calls were the highlight of each day and I knew he could tell since I was terrible at hiding how I felt.

But try as she might, Kaitlyn cannot bring herself to let go. Because of her history with abuse, but also because of –


“– Abigail?”

“Come on,” Kelvin drawled. “I know she’s your friend, but I don’t have feelings for her.”

… still Kaitlyn could not. So they resolve to be friends and it is working out fine for them – or at least, appears to be – until Kaitlyn gets a message from Abigail –


I felt my heart skip a beat as I read the next line. I read it over and over again hoping the words would change. But they did not. I suddenly wished I was at home, in the quiet of my room so I could scream away the hurt I felt.

I stopped reading the message. I couldn’t go on, not after what I had read; Kelvin kissed her.


In Episode 7 Kaitlyn eventually confronts Kelvin with the kiss she found out about. He apologizes and after a night of text messages, Kaitlyn forgives him. The Christmas holidays draw close and Kaitlyn is not sure how she feels about going home for it. She envisions an awkward Christmas with Kelvin and Abigail.


The thought of spending time with them while trying to push away the guilt of keeping my feelings for Kelvin hidden from Abigail, made me very uneasy.


Kaitlyn surprises Kelvin – and herself – by visiting his house in Episode 8. They catch up on old times and amidst that some ‘touching up’ happens.


I knew I should have gotten up and gone home when he gently pulled me onto his chest. … then I remembered I was supposed to go see Abigail and my heartbeat sped up.

I stood, abruptly.

Kaitlyn feels guilty for lying to Abigail. And after paying her friend a visit, this guilt increases. Even though she doesn’t want to hurt her friend or lose the friendship, all she can do is think of Kelvin. She returns to his place with apologies for leaving abruptly.


“I understand,” was all he said before leading me to a seat. He settled on his haunches till our eyes were level, then said, “I would never do anything you don’t want me to do, Kaitlyn. I promise.”


Kaitlyn and Kelvin get even closer in Episode 9. She starts to acknowledge her own feelings for him as they spend more time together. One such hangout changes everything for Kaitlyn.




“Kaitlyn.” His voice was husky, his breath sharp. I was shocked by what my touch could do to him, who could’ve thought?! It made me feel powerful and all the more attracted to him. I moved closer, watching the war rage on in his eyes. “What do you want, Kaitlyn? What do you want me to do?”

“Kiss me.”

And he does.

The barrage of assault by guilt increases for Katilyn and finally when she cannot take it anymore, she decides to confess to Abigail. The reaction she gets from her friend is nothing like she expected.


I waited for her to yell, to tell me to leave her house and never return, to call me names, but she said nothing. I searched for anger in her eyes but it was as deadpan as I had never seen. Eventually … all she said was, “it’s alright, Kaitlyn. It’s life. Shit happens.”


Sometimes silence is worse than noise. Abigail’s silence in Episode 10 tortures Kaitlyn and so she pulls on a silent cloak too, shutting Kelvin out. After three days of silence, Abigail finally breaks the ice.


Another day passed before my wait finally came to an end. She called and apologized for her silence. She had thought about everything I told her and had decided it was best to move on … She ended the call after trying, but failing to convince me, that I did nothing wrong and that we were still great friends.

I should have been relieved by her response and the accompanying ‘go out with him’ tone, but I was not. My feelings for Kelvin had grown deeper and all I wanted was to be with him; but not like this. It just didn’t feel right.


Kaitlyn too breaks her own ice with Kelvin a couple of days later. She tells him that she told Abigail “about us”. In response, Kelvin drops the three-word bombshell, like it’s hot.


“… This is selfish of me to ask but I don’t want a part of you, Kaitlyn, I want all of you.  I love you.”

Of course, Kaitlyn tries to run


I wanted to tell him I loved him too and that he made me so happy, and all I wanted was to be with him. But I didn’t. Instead I stood and said I was leaving. But Kelvin wouldn’t give up that easily.

“Why can’t you just let yourself feel, Kaitlyn?! What are you so scared of? The thing with Oke? That’s in the past. Or is it Abigail?”

“Yes, Abigail. And I do feel! That’s why I’m in love with you, stupid!” I was screaming now, sobbing too. Why did he have to make this so hard?

Ghen ghen! They share a passionate kiss and ride into the sunset together … abi?

Errr, no. Somehow they both know the kiss is goodbye. For now.


Little Kaitlyn has grown into a  woman of her own in Episode 11. As has Abigail whose wedding is not far away. Kaitlyn is Abigail’s chief bridesmaid, and a workaholic – something she has become because she is desperate to fill the void left by a love she abandoned but still yearns for.

Fate, as usual, refused to let it be that simple. Kaitlyn hears that Kelvin is coming for Abigail’s wedding, and he is still very single. The wedding is still two months away so Kaitlyn thinks she has enough time to fortify the walls of her heart ahead of seeing him. But again, fate has other plans.


Just then a man walks in … He has spotted me too. His shock is evident, but he recovers faster and walks towards me. I feel trapped and wish I could run away. He gets to the table in no time and pulls out a seat.

“Kaitlyn.” I draw in air as I hear him call my name again. I grab on to the legs of the table desperately, to avoid skipping over and throwing myself against his chest.



… continues with the final episode next week


By Keren-Happuch Odinenu

Readers’ Note

One more episode to go and the Kaitlyn-Kelvin-Abigail love triangle will have come to an end. We know you enjoyed reading and we know you might have questions for Keren-Happuch … maybe you want to know why K-squared 😉 kissed too late, or why Kaitlyn ate at Jevinik and not the Hilton. It’s fine, we understand.

So drop your questions in the comment box, or send them in a mail titled “Questions for KHO” to We’ll get you the answers you want. Have a fine week ahead now … peace.


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