Poets’ Thursday: Sisi

Poets' Thursday

**first in a short series. Stay tuned**


I have heard about you.

I have been shown how to identify your type.


They say you will have your wares loaded and set.

Like a beautifully crafted letter,

punctuated in the right places.


They say I need to take heed

‘cos my head will agree with my eyes,

and in fact my loins too.


They say the roll of your hips

will fashion me a third leg,

and the lilt in your voice

will keep ringing in my head.


They say you come

with sweetened lips and honeyed tongue.


They told me the truth about you,

that like ‘Ajao’, whose hands outstretch its thighs

your value stops at your looks.



who really are a sight for sore eyes

have in your inside, pure rottenness.



By Oluwole.

‘Wole is an everyday poet – he dreams. He is an incurable optimist who spends his days trying to be less analytical.

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  1. Yemie April 30, 2016 Reply

    Oh Wow! This Narrator’s getting all hissy ’bout a person of interest….the silver-tongued sex-bomb and kitten that’s Sisi; who he’s yet to have a run in or personal encounter with! She oughta just watch her back already and pray never to run into our fiery Narrator who seems to be on a mission! I mean, ‘Your value stops at your looks’??? Uh boy! Hehehe

    So, am thinking that seeing as ‘Sisi’ is a series of sorts, the story doesn’t end here…obviously! And just by some bizarre twist of fate the Narrator gets to have a chance meeting with Sisi and she not only turns on her charms but also works it on him, outwitting him in the process; then what? He’d most definitely eat and take back his words won’t he? And that’d be real peachy! *tsking
    Sisi’s ilk possess a certain ‘Svengali Effect’ that just makes folks do stuffs they’d NEVER think to do ordinarily when they sink their hooks and tentacles into ’em!

    I totally love this piece! The angst and disgust the Narrator feels is palpable…intense! Plenty kudos to the Author, this right here’s a ‘She-devil’, a Femme Fatale masterfully defined! Nice one! LOL

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