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Poets' Thursday

Cece reviews Stronga poem written by Wolfe.


Strong is the kind of poem I would write when upset or depressed. The fiction is simple, and that is where it all ends.

This poem has the ability to evoke the appropriate emotions. But the problem here is, it leaves the reader high and dry, leaves me confused as to what and how to feel. Who is they? Who is being burdened? A human muse or the brain?

Did this person/muse drown? I can clearly get the desperate need to be free ,but if the water called and him/her/it answered and went to it, how then is still possible that the burdens still got to him/her/it?

It is easy to understand that whatever called out to this tortured soul and promised reprieve must have been below, since it is in liquid form, I’d say, the burdens dragging the subject down ought to have made it easier to get to help. One minute, the writer makes the reader believe the water was redemption, another minute it is clear the water’s motives were decietful.

All in all, what is this about really? The writer should have been clearer. We all have burdens, was it family burdens in this case? Was it addiction? What exactly was it about especially when you named the subject a muse? Was it an over-worked brain?

The theme is not consistent and the poem is a cluster of beautiful words that weren’t matched properly.

I understand also that we sometimes feel poetry has to be twisted and hard to unravel for it to be appreciated, but that is why we have riddles, right?

Dear Wolfe, I’d love to read you again, and when I do I want to have an orgasm just from how good your next poem is gonna be.


By Cece Ireneh

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    • Chisom May 27, 2016 Reply

      I agree, Chiamaka … straight as Cece always is, but beautiful too!

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