Poets’ Thursday Review: My First Kiss

Poets' Thursday

Last week, Keren stole our breaths away, literally, with that masterpiece titled ‘My First Kiss’. Yo, I relived my first kiss as I read those lines, and when the reel finished, I moved on to relive my best kiss ever. And what better way to spend your Thursday morning than a stroll through kiss-ville in the gleeful company of your vivid memory and a handful of hushpuppies (yep, I said it).

Anyway gush as I might, this baby must still go on review. Oh the dread when I saw who was up to review next! Cece Ireneh. Times like this, I wish I didn’t have all those videos on instagram extolling honesty, integrity and the rest of the virtue clan. RRSMH.

So Cece took a go at it …


The Review

Isn’t this how all kisses should be? I mean, damn! (Pardon my French), I was reading this and suddenly it was like I wasn’t getting enough air anymore.

This poem, right from the very first line is like a mesmerizing lover that reaches out and draws you to himself. He envelopes you, you are entranced, a part of you might even wonder if he has cast a spell on you, but you don’t care.

This poem reminds me of my most memorable kiss, it is the kind of kiss that left you breathless, that left your lips swollen and your legs shaky.

I like how it describes how a perfect kiss should be in very few lines without making it seem like a bad thing, like something one should be guilty of, I like how the initiator just went right ahead and kissed the writer, no subtle mind games, no awkwardness.

I mean who wrote the rule book that romance has to be complicated and sweated for? Sometimes the most mindblowing things come naturally. Why can’t we just have a kiss so wonderful it’d make our toes curl without expectations, without complications, without rancor? We can’t we always have just that; a kiss?

“Hot and wet, like sugar and spice”

This it it yo!

This is how to make a person trace their lips with their tongue and imagine being kissed in a similar way.

The imagery is vivid, the lines, every word was well thought out, every sentence handcrafted.

There was no forced rhyming scheme ( Gosh! I hate those), everything just flowed perfectly, like the truth. It is indeed true that sometimes, less is more and simplicity is the new cool.

I am a sucker for coming down heavily on awful poetry (It’s fun!) but this masterpiece here is perfection, I find no fault whatsoever.





She agrees! Cece agrees! It’s a masterpiece … it’s a %^**)@(^*%*&%*^&%^$% M.A.S.T.E.R.P.I.E.C.E! Didn’t I tell ya?!

Now I can drink my smoothie … *slurp*slurp*burp*slurp*burp*burp* 

See you next week when we’ll have another poem on show.

Ka odi.



RRSMH – really really shaking my head

%^**)@(^*%*&%*^&%^$% – err, you know what



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