Poets’ Thursday: Lifeless

Poets' Thursday

I knew a girl once, a real fire-starter

Zestful Zeeba, petite trouble-maker

I knew a girl once, Feels so long ago

The passion, the adventure; where did it all go?


Isn’t the essence of life to live?

Isn’t the essence of love to give?

Isn’t the essence of hate to inflict

wounds so deep, hoping they would never heal?


Because you want me with your lips

And hate me with your eyes

Its confusing

Begging me to stay, wishing me away

Stagnant relations, bordering on decay


Please run a dart through me and let me bleed

Than another day of this ‘us’. It’s insipid!

You call this a relationship? I call it a rot!

Pierce us and find out if there’s still blood!


We are a lifeless couple, dead to emotion

Everyday, the same pattern of conversation



“How’s your day?”




And in my head, I’m like: “Kill me already!”


Written by Uncle Phil


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  1. Thia March 10, 2016 Reply

    Nice work… I think it’s talking about dead relationships, lifeless friendships that exist for formality sake… Make e no be say we no dey talk, I’m a testimony

    • Chisom March 12, 2016 Reply

      Lol. I hope your testimony is in retrospect, Thia, simply because such relationships suck. Of course, there could be a myriad of reasons and possible explanations for such a situation between used-to-be-lovers but if all those great points won’t resurrect the love, I’m thinking ‘HAUL IT!’

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