Poets’ Thursday: Growing up

Poets' Thursday

Growing up sometimes feels like a choker

You know, that necklace that claws at your throat

Truth is, from a distance, it appears very beautiful

And perfect.

But just like the wearer alone knows where the shoe pinches

I alone know how it feels.


Some days, it’s good. And cool. And free.

You know, ‘freedom’ holds a lot of faux promises.

Other days, it feels like I’m sinking in an abyss,

Still free.

My wise father tells me, “freedom without restriction can be destructive”

And the law, also wise, says, “where your freedom ends, another man’s own begins”

But this poem is not about freedom.


Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down

Sometimes you don’t even know where you are,

Regardless, the carousel never stops turning,

Because life requires motion.



Growing up makes me feel like giving up

You know, giving up on life, on school, on my career

And going back to the safe little world of ice cream and balloons

And cake.

But it also makes me want to press, to see the greater good

In me.


The Holy book says,

“The path of the righteous shines brighter and brighter till the perfect end.”

While I await my perfect end,

I only wish that life started anticlockwise;

From old age to child hood.

I’d rather start life with the knowledge only old age can give

Than start as a child, growing up to feel all this pain.

I wish.


By Adaugo Thia Mbajunwa


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