Poets’ Thursday: Friend zone

Poets' Thursday

Sitting and smiling

His face I stared into

His soft features visible under the night-light

It felt so beautiful, our evening together

We are destined to be, I think to myself

Silence befell us and for a second

I thought this might be the moment

Alas, only silence it was and the day came to an end.


A perfect gentleman

Who knew to draw seats for his Lady

His tall frame a protection to my petite self

Hello sweetheart, he calls, my sunshine and Snow white

Forever endeared by words of affection, my heart swoons

For this was my Achilles heel which he exploited pleasurably.


How long oh handsome do I hold on to words

Empty and void they have become to me

Having realised that it is all that it is – just words

My heart longs for a commitment

My dreary soul faints to ask the course of our journey

If it may even be considered ‘ours’.


The evening was perfect

Our clothes the same shade of red.

He was so nervous and my heart raced

And as he bends, I skip a beat

For certainly I see a bulge in his pocket

Alas he took out a shiny coin, and we talked about his love for antiques

Tonight like others ended in disappointment.


My journal my confidante

Knows the excitement with which I fill the pages that bear your name

Dear journal, I start, we shared an apple

I fantasized about our honeymoon as my teeth dug into the apple you fed me

Through my feeble protest, I let you continue

But what man stirs such love and remains mute

Days and months have passed

And like the morning fog that clears by midday

It dawned on me where I belong

Never to be promoted beyond that sphere.


Tears clouded my eyes with this revelation

Shame filled my heart as I felt my heart contract in pains

I should have known all along

Seen the signs to know that the stares went beyond my face

I held hope that one day he’ll see me

Standing right beside him.


On the last day of our meeting

He walks up to me

Meet my heart beat, he says

And here is my bestie, I hear him say

I fought the tears once again

Walking away from the romantic duo

I heard a voice in my head say

He was never yours from the beginning.


By Chiezugolum Odilinye

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  1. Francis December 3, 2015 Reply

    In the write up I see another Chimamanda Adichie in the making.

    • Chizzy December 3, 2015 Reply

      Thanks Francis..
      Am flattered…… Adichie is light years ahead sha

      • Chisom December 4, 2015 Reply

        But she started off with one brilliant step, and you have taken several already. 🙂

  2. Ng December 3, 2015 Reply

    Nice one dear.more of that!

  3. zemo December 3, 2015 Reply

    Dice poem is dope…. makes me realise av been friend zoned…
    Nice work @ chiezugolum. ..

    • Chizzy December 3, 2015 Reply

      Zemo please who friendzonned you?

      Let’s go and fight

    • ife December 3, 2015 Reply

      Hehehe….. Better now than later

    • Chisom December 4, 2015 Reply

      Whaaaat??! Speak, Zemo! Who did it?

  4. Wise-man December 3, 2015 Reply

    Very creative work of Art. Nice one

    • Chizzy December 3, 2015 Reply

      I wish everyone one can be like you Wise one and see this poem as simply work of art…..


        • Chisom December 4, 2015 Reply

          I don’t think it is merely a ‘work of art’ either, Browser. Don’t mind her. *tongue @ Chizzy* It might not be her story but this shit here is too real and happens too often for us to just ‘creativize’ it and dasall … No.

          • Chizzy December 4, 2015

            Hehe…. no comment at all

  5. Scad December 3, 2015 Reply

    OMG…! Chizzy that’s dope! You got talents o!

  6. Clifford December 3, 2015 Reply

    Great work Chizzy…Can relate with the lines in so many ways. That zone called friend zone is a very ‘dreaded’ zone.

    • Chizzy December 3, 2015 Reply

      Thanks Cliff.
      Please kindly move away from there o.
      Not a good place to be

      • Chisom December 4, 2015 Reply

        In some cases, much better to hang out on the edge of a cliff (pun intended :)) than in the friend zone, Clifford.

  7. Ruth December 3, 2015 Reply

    Wow! This is lovely!!

  8. Chinedu December 3, 2015 Reply

    This happens sometimes. Heartbreaks! You captured a whole lot in a few lines. You are indeed a great talent! I pray that you will be sheilded from every heartbreak. You deserve the very best…

    • Chizzy December 3, 2015 Reply

      I wish everyone one can be like you Wise one and see this poem as simply work of art…..


    • Chizzy December 4, 2015 Reply

      Thanks dear.
      I reject heartbreak o

  9. Maz December 3, 2015 Reply

    Wow, nice read.

  10. Emeka December 3, 2015 Reply

    Joy! Defined by my dictionary as a case where one takes a friend zone test and the result shows “negative”
    Excellent write up dear, keep it up.

    • Chizzy December 3, 2015 Reply

      Friend zone test

      That’s a new one

    • Chisom December 3, 2015 Reply

      Bros, abeg this test get manual???

  11. Chisom December 3, 2015 Reply

    I’ll just echo majority of the house here, Chizzy. This one is DOPE.

    I can only imagine how much fun the reviewer will have 🙂

    • Chizzy December 3, 2015 Reply

      You are not serious oh. @Dope..
      Well, with your team of reviewers, expect the unexpected..

      Am glad Yemie is always there to lend a voice

      • Chisom December 4, 2015 Reply

        Sure. Expect the unexpected, but all for your good. Expect that! And true, Yemie rocks for real mehnnn

  12. Eky December 3, 2015 Reply

    Wow! Am proud of my cousin!!! This peice is great!!!!

    • Chizzy December 3, 2015 Reply

      Twinie me o.. thanks dear.

      • Chisom December 4, 2015 Reply

        Cousin? Twinie? By any chance, Eky, do you write too? Perhaps you could do us a poem that’d free us from the friend zone …

  13. Chuka Rene December 3, 2015 Reply

    Awesomely fantastic. I concur it is DOPE. Keep it up dear like I said the sky will be your take-off board.

  14. Peachesgurl December 3, 2015 Reply

    Wow, Beautiful, DOPE!!!!! I’m feeling you

    • Chisom December 4, 2015 Reply

      I know, right? 🙂 Me too!

  15. Nadine December 3, 2015 Reply

    Simply Awesome: Something Added, Nothing Omitted.
    Simply Placed, Message Passed.
    More ink to ur Pen, More Grace to ur Writing.
    Your indeed a Well of knowledge.
    Can’t wait to read more of this.
    No Zone is as Dangerous as d Friendship Zone, it’s where Emotions Clash*chuckles*

    • Chizzy December 3, 2015 Reply

      Nadine thanks dear.
      You almost sound like the reviewer…

      More power to your reading

  16. Chizzy December 3, 2015 Reply

    Thanks PeachesGurl
    Please people is there no word you guys can come up with…..
    I am tired of Dope

    • ife December 3, 2015 Reply

      This is explicably awesome

      • Chizzy December 3, 2015 Reply

        Thanks Ife for reading and sharing.

    • Chisom December 4, 2015 Reply


      Just Dope.
      *evil laugh*

  17. Daboh December 3, 2015 Reply

    This, definitely wasn’t taught in any engineering school. Never knew you had poetry in you my “Commodore”. Don’t forget to send me the link to your next poem/write-up. Keep the fire burning dear.

    • Chizzy December 3, 2015 Reply

      Thanks Captain sweetie…
      Will sure do.. however you can see other poems previously featured on this blog

  18. Uche Uban December 3, 2015 Reply

    This is the best piece EVER!!! I have always told everyone, GET OUT of the friend zone! Lol. Its worse than self Deceit. Nice 1 Chizzy. U sure got skills

  19. PRIME December 3, 2015 Reply

    Wonderful work Chizzy. Beautifully presented

  20. John December 3, 2015 Reply

    Quite touchy, coherent and on point. keep it up girl.

  21. johnny jo December 3, 2015 Reply

    Chizzy is a genius. She’s just not an engineer. Ur works always speak quality. Higher heights dear…

    • Chisom December 4, 2015 Reply

      She IS an engineer, Johnny. Why do y’all think we’re just nuts and bolts and nothing else?!

      Lol. That aside, thanks 🙂

  22. Ezekiel December 3, 2015 Reply

    Nice piece of work. This makes so much sense. Let’s see more of this and while you’re at it, make me your student.

  23. Anncatherine December 3, 2015 Reply

    It’s beautiful because it’s simple…. and the play of words make it seem easy…. try though…. good job

    • Chisom December 7, 2015 Reply

      Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, AnnCatherine. Very on point!

  24. Anthony December 3, 2015 Reply

    A friend once told me that engineers suck at public speaking and writing… Although I didn’t agree with her, I found it difficult to disprove her… Thanks Chizzy, this you masterpiece is the perfect response… Maybe all I need now is a certified true copy of your engineering degree. That said, I couldn’t help but marvel at your mastery of words…great piece, Apt subject, keep it up.

    • Chizzy December 3, 2015 Reply

      Thanks Anthony… Public speaking is for everyone. Though Engineers short change themselves by declaring that we were only taught Dy/Dx..

    • Chisom December 4, 2015 Reply

      Grrrr!!! Lol. Anthony, engineers are a LOT more than dy/dx. a LOT

  25. Gk December 4, 2015 Reply

    Very nice piece, now i see the fruits of your lone times and offline periods. Keep it up. Can’t wait to read the next one.

  26. Uncle Phil December 4, 2015 Reply

    Nice one Chizzy! Just as I’s beginning to get comfortable with being in “friend-zone”, “teacher-zone” and every other new zone ppl r creating.
    But they “shared an apple”, hmmm. From there on it seemed like what ppl call “friends with benefits” (I don’t like that expression)
    It’s soft, and emotional.
    Couldn’t help noticing “the bulge in the pants and antique coin”, hahahaha. Felt like the guy was nervous they were wearing “and co” so he used the coin to diffuse the tension, phew!!! Wicked guy. (Note to self: carry an antique coin) hahahaha

    • Chizzy December 4, 2015 Reply

      Haha. Uncle Phil, please o carry a box not a coin
      How can you call sharing an apple benefit.. Ordinary apple…… chai

      The ‘and co’ was coincidence to show their mind was so in synch with each other. For the two of us, I think we are in WAWzone… that’s a new one I guess.
      Thanks for your kind words

      • Chisom December 4, 2015 Reply

        Hehehe … let the deductions begin! WAWzone, I love that one!

      • Uncle Phil December 5, 2015 Reply

        Hmmm! I’v been zoned again… I guess you aren’t the Chizzy I know, she’s definitely not an engineer (she no like too much maths) and she should be into prose not poetry.
        Apart from sharing the same nickname, you both have the ability of generating new “zones”, and from the comments I’v seen, I’d dare say equally wonderful ppl.
        I’m terrified of premature “and co’s”, but I’d feel better everytime I finger that antique coin in my pocket, lol.

  27. Zeb December 4, 2015 Reply

    Wow! this is now one of the best articles in my record. Chizzy you are gifted.

    • Chisom December 4, 2015 Reply

      She is. Zeb. Very gifted.

  28. kunle December 4, 2015 Reply

    Chizzy remember I told u dat uve got it in u. This is one of De proof. Outstanding work excellent use of words I am highly impressed. Keep it up u going places.

    • Chizzy December 5, 2015 Reply

      Thank you very much.
      Your words keep resounding in my mind.

  29. Emmanuel Charles December 7, 2015 Reply

    Very fantastic creative works of art. Good lines and on-point terms. Kudos dear.

  30. Tobe December 7, 2015 Reply

    Chizzy, I wonder where you got the inspiration for this. Nice one tho… 😉

    • Chizzy December 7, 2015 Reply

      Thanks Tobe. Inspiration comes from the most random places even the bible.

  31. Yemie December 8, 2015 Reply

    The gift of words is the gift of deception and illusion- Frank Herbert!

    Love is a verb, an action word! A lot of us tend to get so carried away more often than not, and its the reason’s not far-fetched….words are very powerful; especially for folks whose love lingo’s words of affirmation and that’s besides the fact that the world came into being, by the Spoken Word of He, who’s ‘The Word’ Himself, just! LOL
    Little wonder then, that one can very easily melt and lose complete sight of one’s senses; becoming assailed and assaulted by the gravity of words one’s being fed with, whilst choosing to put one’s blinders on to the numerous pointers and red flags there may be; that certain words of affections are reeled out civily, for friendship sakes and nothing more! Once they aint backed up by tangible actions; one oughta realize one’s barking up the wrong tree enough to simply shelve whatever dreams and fantasies one’s nursing from that quarter! Not gonna be easy but its just as well! Action will always speak louder than words anyday and anytime, t! LOL

    You paint a pretty picture-perfect scenario here Chizzy….picturesque, and the feelings you evoked is powerful…compelling and poignant! The vulnerability of the Narrator comes to bare and that I find truly amazing…most adorable! Through the expectations and dashed hopes, of illusions being shattered as reality hits….cold, hard and biting; this is no doubt a sizzler; a masterpiece on all counts and many can relate with this friendzone ‘scourge’ abi na phenomenon! Its easily the last place anyone wants to be found in; dead or alive! Its the absolute pits but you Chizzy; did a more than awesome job with this one and I laud you! Awesomeness through and through! ❤LOL

    • Chisom December 8, 2015 Reply

      You’re so on point, Yemie. Especially with the way social media has got us throwing words of endearment all over the place. People will be busy catching feelings and you’ll be sitting pretty feeling ‘just friends’ by yourself.smh. God help all of us.

    • Chizzy December 9, 2015 Reply

      Yea…. Yemie is in the house. let me just say THANK YOU. I have more to say but that pretty summarises it.

    • Chisom December 8, 2015 Reply

      And thumbs up to you, Nonso for taking time out to drop a line in appreciation. We hope you come around more often. 🙂

  32. chikwe Bethel December 9, 2015 Reply

    Fabulous poet!! What a great resource to have this piece of intelligent, Thank you so much for this awesome compilation of life enhancing poet. Look dear can I tell you something, the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be, start where you are, use what you have and do what you can for life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. I rest my case thanks dear

    • Chizzy December 9, 2015 Reply

      thank you Bethel. I will save this comment for future reference. Muah

  33. Chinelo December 9, 2015 Reply

    Wow! My strawberry! U do more gifts than I thought and I join Toby to ask were the inspiration came from? Am so proud of the lady you very become. Thumps up my dearest!

    • Chizzy December 9, 2015 Reply

      Thanks my only Vanilla. Am blushing at the lady I have become…
      Bear hugs

    • Chizzy December 12, 2015 Reply

      Thanks my sweet potato.

  34. Martin December 12, 2015 Reply

    Eiyah..lol, friend zone indeed. Nice piece chizzy, your wonderful poetic abilities have never been in doubt.

    • Chizzy December 12, 2015 Reply

      How nice of you Martin.
      Thank you

  35. Ola September 21, 2016 Reply

    Awwww… Chizzy… This is soo nice..

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