Poets’ Thursday: Dear Leader

Poets' Thursday

Dear Leader,


Some call it conscience,

Others call it the voice of God;

Whatever it is, dear Leader,

Has your wicked hand twisted the tongue of that tiny voice

So much that you hear it no more?

So much that ‘heartlessness’ is now your watchword?


Since the days of your amoral forefathers,

Naming ceremonies have heralded every evil act.

Monikers, which like your ill-gotten affluence, soothe your hollow chest.


So you steal no more, dear Leader.

You only embezzle.

You lie no more,

You only prevaricate.

You kill no more,

All you do is eliminate.


These names, like the caressing hands of your mistresses

Soothe your head; that machinery of inhumanity!

And your restless back,

On which lies the nation`s wealth.


Dear Leader,

The roads you vowed to construct,

The markets you promised to build,

The schools you said you would establish,

The hospitals …

We still await!


And while we wait,

Our numerous citadels of maiming

Unleash human beasts into the land

Every four years!

Just as your political caucus of doom

Slides a winning hand of victory across the land

Every four years!

Little wonder you say you are parties;

Now we know what and how you celebrate.


While we still wait, dear Leader,

A word of advice for you:

A time is coming

When the music in your party will fade,

When the prey will become the predator,

When the seats of leadership will be for those

Who have clean hands and pure hearts.

A time is coming

When the seats of leadership will return to the sane.

A time is coming, dear Leader,

When righteousness will again be celebrated in governance.


But while we still wait …

The pensioners,

The workers,

The youth,

The students,

And all those from whom you have



And atrociously coveted funds

Told somebody I know

To tell somebody you know

To tell you –

Since you have gone deaf, like Baal of the ancient prophets –

That you should give to the people what belongs to the people.



Your dear follower,

Akinsiwaju Sanya.


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  1. Walter March 3, 2016 Reply

    I don’t think there are any more bald-faced, accomplished liars and thieves in the world more than our politicians and leaders.

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