Poets’ Thursday: Creed

Poets' Thursday

Dear Fatherland,

In numbers we die even after the tie.
Are we still one when from ourselves we run?
Neglecting peace, expecting our pieces.
Am I prey for murder because I pray not like my brother?

From a difference of latitudes to a difference of attitudes
Different phases of terror.
First there was the aqua owners, then the forest dwellers, and now Muturu owners.
Who knows who next?

The land is blood-logged, the nation is peace-clogged.
Let’s put a stop to it, place peace at the top.
Who has a solution, let’s start the mission.

Brother, watch my back and we’ll know no lack.
Refuse ruse, up the flag, accept a lasting truce.
Let’s pair and care.
Let love reign and hatred wane.

Shun the differences and work for a difference.
No need to bleed, let’s get rid of greed.
What if we bide and not divide?
Or if we must divide, do so without tide?

Stop getting hurt taking the cheap shot.
No more blames, let’s claim our name.
An opportunity to restore sanity
I bid us all to take this creed.

Let’s do more than pray, there is another way.
The way of LOVE


Okahia Tochukwu


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  1. Chizzy July 7, 2016 Reply

    Aqua owners, forest dwellers and muturu dwellers

    • Chisom July 7, 2016 Reply

      I knew you’d catch that one, Chizzy 🙂

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