Why (Not) Write | Interview: Amara Nicole Okolo (Audio)


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Interview Notes

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About: 00:52 – Amara discusses her work as an all-round artist – writer, painter, designer, photographer – and her city loves, Abuja and Lagos. 02:00 – She discusses writing fiction (many genres), nonfiction, writing for comics and animations. 03:02 – She talks about how people stories drive her, and how she draws stories from her legal clients and their personal experiences.

Journey: 04:02 – Amara discusses her first contact with Ankara Press.

Recognition 05:38 – She discusses interviews, especially one with Al Jazeera.

Her writing: 06:35 – She takes us on the journey from manuscript to publishing for Black Sparkle Romance and Son Of Man, and tells us why she writes Romance.

Money 08:09 – She explains how African writers do not make as much money as most think, and explains why young writers shouldn’t make money their focus. 09:38 – She also insists that young African writers must get day jobs.

Challenges 10:11 – She explains why writing daily doesn’t really work for her, but why it’s also good advice.

Advice 10:46 – She explains why budding writers shouldn’t try to copy their favourite authors, but instead draw inspiration to hone their own craft. 12:17 – She also discusses finding time to write by seeking what time works best.

Closing 12:52 – Thanks and closing remarks.

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  1. chizzy February 15, 2017 Reply

    This is so cool guys.. Keep it up.
    This is the first time I am hearing about Nicole. (Google to the rescue). I totally enjoyed the interview..

    • Suyi February 16, 2017 Reply

      Thanks Chizzy! We’re glad to be the ones who’ve introduced you to Amara. Keep posted, and we might be introducing you to much more in the coming weeks!

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