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The submissions have been rolling in, and we are so excited by how interesting this contest is turning out to be. I can’t say same for the judges though ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, just for fun – and maybe, as inspiration for anyone who is having difficulty coming up with a 100-word story – Chisom did this. It’s a 100-word limit flash piece inspired by the picture above. We hope you enjoy reading it; please appreciate him in the Comments below, since he won’t be winning shishi ๐Ÿ˜‰


The Line-up

I pointed at the two-way screen: โ€œPick one.โ€

They stood in a line, numbers hanging from their necks: Morgan McCall was 1, Robert Eichinger was 2, Steve โ€˜Sneakโ€™ Sheera was 3 and Michael โ€˜the bullโ€™ Lombard was 4.

The procedure was simple. For me. She would pick one and I would question her. From her answers, I would rate him and the other four she had picked from the earlier line-ups. Motive (50%), Relationship (30%) and Crime record (20%).

Whoever scored highest was our killer. Her accomplice.


By Chisom Ojukwu

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