For The Love Of Words

Today is one of the most celebrated days on the Planet. The weeks leading up to today have promised a mish-mash of sweaty, heady celebrations. As Valentine’s Day appears, however, we at WAW have chosen to celebrate our love for something else.


I’ve tried many times to think back to the day I decided that words were going to be my thing. I’ve not yet been able to put a pin on it, but the one formative period I can remember is me writing essays in my junior secondary school. My English Teacher, a Reverend, put up prizes for anyone who came tops in Essays. Man, I went for that shit: I wrote my life out in every topic and grabbed the prize every damn time (conversely, I always came, like, last in Maths). I remember thinking: yes, this is what I want to do; this is who I want to be. I want to tell stories: to pinch and poke and move the world with my words.

Seventeen years later, and this hasn’t changed.


I’m in love with words, and if you’re reading this, then so are you. So this Valentine, to show our love for words at WAW, we’ve called up a couple of authors to speak to us for the next few weeks. They talk about their personal lives, their writing journeys, their first tastes of recognition and what it did for them, their choice of writing forms, money, challenges and offer a truckload of advice for budding and established writers.

Find the lineup and programme for our #WhyNotWrite program here. Share to your friends and keep your eyes peeled as we unlock a new author each week.

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  1. The Alpha February 28, 2017 Reply

    Cool. WAW you are really doing a thing here. Ehrmm, “I’m in love with words, and if you’re reading this, then so are you.” Am I really in love with words? (Just thinking aloud. lol)
    And, “I wrote my life out in every topic and grabbed the prize every damn time.” I am here digging into my secondary school days. Did I ever win any essay competition? See my life…(lol. Was a science student though.)

    WAW continue the great work!!!

    • Chisom May 1, 2017 Reply

      Lol. Who essay competition epp finally? If you love it, keep with it and you cannot fail. Thanks, Alpha.

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