FUll moon

At night the celestials are watching
As the sun goes down and the tides are falling
The shouting and honking subside
And the troubles of the day put aside
Slowly but surely the darkness appears
Bringing solace to some but to others fear

The night brings with it a certain chill
While all appear calm and tranquil
Alas a certain sound is again heard this time
The muffled cry of man as he witnesses crime
Watching the puddles turn crimson
And the blood-soiled earth glisten

The lady that once walked with pride
Now has tears filled in her eyes
For her pride has been taken
And she will face shame when others awaken
The vehicles are out on the street again
But their owners are not in them
The offenders drive off in the open lanes
To open-secret abodes that are their dens

The celestials see the events that happen
And provide for man a safe haven
The sad moon starts to waste
As the outlaws start in haste
They care less for the nocturnal iniquities
And summarize their nefarious activities

But all of these come at a cost
Their rewards are not at all lost
Even as they leave rubbles behind and take flight

They know the victims will never dread any like the night

EMMANUEL OKAFOR is a Nigerian poet. Follow him on twitter @chelsea_emma95

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    • Emmanuel April 15, 2014 Reply

      Yea, it’s one of the themes there. Really terrible problem in the society

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