Why (Not) Write | Interview: Sarah Ladipo Manyika (Video)

#WhyNotWrite See our essays and other interviews here Sarah Ladipo Manyika was raised in Nigeria and has lived in Kenya, France, and England. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and for several years taught literature at San Francisco State University. Sarah currently serves on the boards of Hedgebrook and the Museum of […]

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Why (Not) Write | Interview: Amara Nicole Okolo (Audio)

#WhyNotWrite See our essays and other interviews here Interview Notes About: 00:52 – Amara discusses her work as an all-round artist – writer, painter, designer, photographer – and her city loves, Abuja and Lagos. 02:00 – She discusses writing fiction (many genres), nonfiction, writing for comics and animations. 03:02 – She talks about how people stories […]

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For The Love Of Words

Today is one of the most celebrated days on the Planet. The weeks leading up to today have promised a mish-mash of sweaty, heady celebrations. As Valentine’s Day appears, however, we at WAW have chosen to celebrate our love for something else. Words. I’ve tried many times to think back to the day I decided that words […]

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Why (Not) Write? A Collection of Author Interviews

#WhyNotWrite Kindly share and distribute with the hashtag above. Prelude: For The Love Of Words by Suyi Davies Okungbowa Interview: Amara Nicole Okolo *[UNVEILED!] Interview: Sarah Ladipo Manyika *[UNVEILED!] Responses: Comments, forums, blogs, tweets, and discourse related to #WhyNotWrite Support us WordsAreWork spends good amounts of time, effort and amounts like N75,000 to bring good stuff like […]

Keren-Happuch interview

A WAW time-out with Keren-Happuch Odinenu, fairy godmother of ‘For The Love Of Us’

It all started on the dance floor–the love story of Kaitlyn and Kelvin–and it could have been a simple one: boy-dance-with-girl-then-boy-like-girl-then-LOVE, but Abigail came into the picture and thus began the love triangle. For eleven weeks, Keren-Happuch Odinenu kept us on the sharp edges of our seats with the enthralling love story titled For The […]


A WAW time-out with Mr. Ibobo 2015

This interview is powered by Words Are Work, as a pilot for our ‘Youth Corner’, a beautiful, unfolding work in progress. Ibobo Ujaligwa is an annual affair among the Abor people of Enugu state, which comprises activities aimed at socio-cultural development. One of such activities is a beauty pageant, and our guest for today is […]

'My Sketchbook' finder: Revealed

Show yourself! My name is Ifeanyi Ifemeje, an Igbo boy from across the Niger, Imo state. I am the eldest in a family of six and spent the better part of my growing years in Benin. Arts? When? How? Why? I don’t really remember the when, but my mum says I started drawing in Primary […]