The line dragged lazily forward at snail pace, inch by inch. Up in the sky, the sun burned a loud orange, looking every inch the vengeful lover intent on seeing the earth below suffer. And suffer it did, because people hid beneath shades of umbrellas, a few sparsely-branched trees, buildings and even books. The students […]


…continued from Unforgiven VII “What on earth are you talking about Amaka?” the bewildered expression on Ethel’s face couldn’t be faked. “You know how you promised to talk about Charles Umoh before you ran out on me that day?” Amaka was glowering at her. Ethel nodded slowly, “I’m sorry about that Amy. I just…I guess […]


…continued from Unforgiven VI She didn’t resist as his lips claimed hers. They were soft and warm. The kiss stripped her of her resolve, her confidence and the years melted away; once again she was twenty-two and putty in his hands. Oh Lord. This is it. What she’d missed… Stop it Eth! This is not […]


…continued from Unforgiven V “Some men talk about their wives whenever they are with their mistresses. But…not you. Why?” “I didn’t think my mistress would want to know my wife. Why do you want to know?” “Because I want to know. Why don’t you talk about the Missus?” “Well babes; I’ve long since learned not […]


…continued from Unforgiven IV Charles wasn’t going to stop hounding her. He was the kind of man that got what he wanted and right now he wanted her. The thought of that managed to thrill her and scare her at the same time. Although it was difficult, she decided to ignore his text and return […]


…continued from Unforgiven III   Ethel was looking for a job when she first arrived in Abuja, Amaka had quickly taken a shine to her and informed her about the opening in the school where she taught. Ethel had been reluctant at first, to take the job and also Amaka’s offer of friendship but eventually […]


…contined from Unforgiven II Charles Umoh had a touch of arrogance, perhaps the fact that he was wealthy added to it. Those two aphrodisiacs were enough to attract any woman to him. Standing on her doorstep, Ethel couldn’t avoid looking at him; really looking at him. He was greying at the temples in a way […]


Ethel nuzzled the baby’s cheeks and couldn’t help beaming as the child let loose a toothless grin. That feeling of rightness crept upon her as she cradled the baby. “You’re so good with babies and you aren’t even a mother yet. How do you do it?” a cheery Sister Amaka spoke. Ethel refused to let […]

Call for Entries for 2014 Etisalat Prize for Literature

Etisalat Nigeria, today announced the call for entries for the 2014 Etisalat Prize for Literature, the second edition of the much celebrated innovative literature prize launched in 2013. The Etisalat Prize for Literature which is the first Pan African Literary Award to celebrate African fiction writers seeks to recognise, celebrate and reward debut fiction writers of […]

The Medallion – Found.

…continued from The Medallion V They had found it; they had found The Medallion. The man who Simon had identified as Joseph of Arimathea spread out a length of white linen on the floor with which he wrapped up the body of Jesus. Mary and the other woman put the handkerchief containing the blood-drenched soil […]