Call for submissions – Igodo Umuavulu magazine 2016

Igodo call for submissions

WAW Project Series, a project vehicle of Words Are Work and Accelo Creative hereby calls for submissions to an Igbo traditional online and print publication titled ‘Igodo Umuavulu 2016’. Igodo Umuavulu is essentially the cultural scroll of Umuavulu Ujaligwa–a gifted and versatile people of Udi L.G.A. in Enugu state–and it is curated by WAW Project Series.

In this edition titled A Budding Heritage, the publication aims to draw a line of comparison across time. We want to juxtapose the past with the present, to observe the similarities and differences between cultural practices in both eras. After reading ‘Igodo Umuavulu 2016 – A Budding Heritage’, the reader should be able to decide in what proportions past and present cultures ought to be mixed, for making the future. And we want to inspire this with pictures, graphic art, flash, fiction, poetry and essays. While we prefer submissions to revolve around Igbo culture, other exceptional pieces will not be ignored.

The fourth publication of ‘Igodo Umuavulu’ released in November 2014 was titled Unraveling Ancestral Footprints and it explored the essence of Odomagana, the people’s spirit. With passionate stories, essays and articles, the edition ‘unraveled’ the reason for Odomagana as intended by the founding fathers of Umuavulu Ujaligwa. A Budding Heritage will do more.


Submission guidelines

  1. Fiction and essays must be 1,500 words or less; flash and poetry must be 800 words or less.
  2. Pieces should explore various themes (law/justice, artistry, politics, love, parenting, healthcare, etc.) by highlighting the past and present cultural practices associated with these themes.
  3. See general rules for punctuation and structure in ‘How to submit’.
  4. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word format (for writing) and jpeg or png format (for pictures), emailed as an attachment to
  5. Submission deadline is midnight Sunday August 21, 2016.
  6. Send an enquiry mail to for clarification, reference materials, and more info.

Payment (for accepted work only)

  1. Five thousand Naira(NGN 5,000) per piece for Fiction and Essays.
  2. Two thousand Naira (NGN 2,000) per piece for Flash, Poetry and pictures.
  3. Five thousand Naira (NGN 5,000) per piece for graphic art.



For all accepted works, WAW Project Series will retain First Publication rights online and in print, worldwide, and First English Language rights.

Owners of accepted works will be notified by email before Wednesday, August 24, 2016. They will retain copyright of their works, with full acknowledgement.

Publication will be made available for download on; interested contributors will receive ONE free copy of the publication (shipping costs to be borne by receiver).



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