Behind ‘The Club of God-fearing Men’, there is a woman …

Mimi Adebayo

As promised, we have with us today, the woman behind the lives of four men – Genesis, Chris, Sly and Tango, who together make up ‘The Club of God-fearing Men’. For several months now, their story (especially that of Genesis) as they embarked on their search for ‘game’ among spirikoko sisters kept us thoroughly engaged. If you missed even one episode, repent now and click HERE.

As sad as it is, we saw the 22nd and final episode last week and so today, we have the writer of that series – Mimi Adebayo, here to answer a few questions and sign some e-autographs too. Enjoy …


Q: “The Club of God-fearing Men” is not like most other stories. What inspired it?

Mimi: The plot isn’t one exactly new to me. It’s sorta been on my mind for a while. A part of the plot was coined from some real life experiences but then again I had a conversation with a friend that triggered the story.

He said he wanted a good Christian girl if he eventually got into a relationship. It just occurred to me then that almost all men, no matter their lifestyle want good Christian girls.


Q: At different points in the story, we find male banter (men talk); and you capture it so well. How do you do it?

Mimi: (laughs) At the risk of sounding proud(boastful?) I would simply say; as writers, that’s what we do. We get into the head of our characters and project what we’ve picked up in our day to day activities so it looks real.

It can be quite a task though; pretending to be a man, thinking like a man when you’re wired to be a woman.

Above all, I’m pretty sure it’s a gift from God.


Q: A lot of our readers identified with the fact that you took a Christian-themed story and told it in a way that everybody even acclaimed atheists could identify with and enjoy it. Was this intentional?

Mimi: Well, in a way. My goal has always been to reach everyone possible with my stories.

I try to create a story around life realities so everyone can relate with it.

I always ask God to help with that, as I write. Because I might be a believer but I’m not writing for Christians alone. I want everyone to read my story and enjoy it without bias.


Q: Chisom Ojukwu insists that you are the ‘Queen of Suspense’ and every episode, all 22 of them, ended in nail-biting suspense. Chisom was right, wasn’t he? And is this something you do intentionally?

Mimi: (laughs) Chisom is sweet-tongued. But then again, he’s right (sometimes).

Of course the suspense is intentional! How do I keep people coming back for more if I don’t leave them anticipating?

Suspense is the best spice for a series.


Q: The issue of men agreeing to seduce and sleep with ‘spirikoko women’: Is it a real thing, or just fiction?

Mimi: Speaking from experience; it is very much real.

Some men in church come solely to ‘catch’ a woman they think is unattainable because of her love for God.

It’s part of the thrill of the chase for men. Sadly, some women fall for this.


Q: Amie didn’t agree with you (or Chris’ girlfriend in the story) on the matter of us ceasing to be God’s Children if we lose faith. Here’s her question: ‘Does it mean that when one loses faith in God, their previous walk and relationship become as good as nonexistent?’ What’s your take on it?

Mimi: What does losing faith mean in the first place?

I’d like to think when a person loses faith in God, he or she gets discouraged and gives up on God. At that stage, he or she cares nothing about God or his/her previous walk with Him. So, to these person(s), their previous relationship with God is nonexistent. Most times they choose to forget God’s goodness.

On God’s part though, He never gives up on anybody. We don’t stop being His children because we decided to take a detour in our faith. Ever heard the story of the prodigal son? God never disowns His children. He is patient and always ready to welcome us with open arms. We are the ones who condemn ourselves and place an invisible barrier between us and God.


Q: Nnebuogo MamaICE asked about Genesis’ other friends, Sly and Tango? Why did you decide to save only two? Don’t you think all four friends could have found salvation?

Mimi: (smiles) well, they all could have found salvation but life is never a neatly wrapped gift box. In real life, things don’t always work that way. I tried to make it as real as possible considering that sometimes friends don’t all get saved together, there’d be the ones who don’t want to understand why you have to change and stop being the person they used to know.

Sly and Tango’s salvation would have been another story entirely, if it was going to happen.


Q: Finally – and this is a rainfall question among our readers – when do we expect to read you next?

Mimi: (sighs) I wish I could say something definite. But all I can say is hopefully it’ll be soon. I have some things on my plate that keep me occupied and writing a series requires commitment.

I have a couple of ideas though; stories written in my head. I hope I’d get to them soon.


And we sure hope so too. WAW people, you rock for sending in questions and most importantly, for following the story of the Ghen-Ghen guy, Genesis, Abby, Chris and the rest of the crew, for all these months. With a pint of sadness and a tanker-load of joy, The Club of God-fearing Men, the longest-ever series on Words Are Work, is a wrap.

Thank you!


Words Are Work … and fun too!

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    So i sat down and finished this series in one day. Could hardly move away from my system. It was just amazing. I pictured every scene, it was so real, asin as real as real. Thumbs up Mimi, you’ve got great talent.

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